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Breaking Bad has 3 open spots

We recently purged inactive players and now have 5 open spots.

We are a casual but active alliance with 2 level 20 sanctuaries, hitting 9/7 this week, 8/7 last week.

No level requirements, no performance requirements other than being active and playing.

One simple rule regarding the sanctuaries, and must communicate through the forums or discord to communicate the rule.

We are mostly higher level players so we donate, but don’t expect your request of Irritator to get filled unless you reciprocate with others requests. We don’t actively track requests and donations… but if you are that one player always asking for Irritator and never give back you will get kicked.

That’s about it, easy peasy casual but very active and rewarding.

Send me a PM for details.

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We are an active alliance hitting 10/8 with 2 level 20 sanctuaries shared by a large co-op.

We prefer you have discord, but not required. We do require you communicate in some way.

No crazy requirements of X # battles per day with screenshots or screenshots of donations.

We do require communication and you stay reasonably active.

PM for more details on how to join us!

We have recently dropped some players and have 3 more spots open.

We have an active discord, friendly players and great rewards.

Send me a DM and we’ll get you set up!

I recently joined this great alliance.

2 x level 20 incubators
Friendly and welcoming players
No major pressure, like posting pics of dailies etc…
2 weeks in a row of hitting level 10 on exploration
A fun and informative discord channel

So if you are an active player looking for the rewards you deserve in a no pressure environment come and join us!


I just sent a request to join. I’m very active, please accept my request


Do you still have space? If you do, My player name is DinoMaster and Id is 7195. I’m very active player. I just sent a join request.

Breaking bad are looking for a few active players who understand shared sanctuaries, as we have 2 or 3 level 20 on the go most of the time. We can explain this when you join if you don’t know about them.

We will expect you to be active, willing to participate in the weekend tournaments, and get the 10 takedowns.

Other than that all we ask is that you communicate (preferably on our discord channel) and enjoy being part of a team.

We don’t have many rules at all, we won’t be asking for evidence that you do your dailies etc…

We look forward to hearing from you

Are you still recruiting? I am looking for a cooperative alliance atm and I was wondering if I can join. Name is “Honeyman”. If you are interested in letting me join, lmk.

Send a request to join to Breaking bad

I’ve told our leader on discord

Just sent the request. The name is “honeyman”.

Still a couple of spaces available!

Hello. I’m currently looking for an alliance. I am lvl 18. 50% to lvl 19. I play daily and always try to maximize alliance progress (such as waiting to open incubators until the alliance quest is open, etc). My profile name is Srays. If you are still recruiting, let me know. I’ll join the discord as well ofc. Thank you so much.

Apply to Breaking bad and I’ll tell the leader

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We are a lovely alliance!

Would love a few more active peeps to join us. :green_heart:


Great alliance, great people. Active in every way and very supportive.

I’m glad to be a part of this great alliance. I would love for you to join us!

We still have a couple of open spots for players who are willing to do the weekend tournament and get the ten takedowns. We will guide you through the sanctuary rules on our discord channel.

You will get 3 level 20 sanctuaries to fip, and be involved with a wonderful group of players, so apply now while we have spaces available.

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Hi I am looking for a new alliance to join and meet new ppl. I am level 17 and active daily. Happy to share DNA. Name is gibzinho I have requested to join if possible. Thanks.

Hi looking to join if still spaces please? I am level 13 and active daily. Looking to level up and be part of an active alliance. My name is tiger I have requested to join please could you accept?

I sent you a pm Tiger14

Please read the message I’ve sent you!