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Breaking: Huge Spinosaurus News!

Thanks to @Hersh for sharing this link!


cool spinos swim now

That’s amazing… That animation was beautiful as well…


So does this mean we had aquatics all this time? :laughing::wink::fish::shark::octopus:


Ah so the photo wasn’t from JWA website.

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What animation? I can’t read it because it wants me to pay money >:V

so does that mean it’s not actual a dinosaur now?

Well I just clicked on the link and read the article and at the very end there was a video…

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Whales are still mammals.

Spino is still a dino for sure lol. It just shows that it had a very bizarre lifestyle for one

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The boat scene in JP3 makes more sense now

yay crocodile spino.
I’m interested in how it stood. I’ve seen many different spino models. some are no longer relevant due to new research, but i haven’t found one that looks right. the quadrupedal one with it walking on the wrists looks so wrong.

It reminds me of the Hypo Spino from the Isle without bony platings if you know what I mean.

Didn’t the spinosaurus swim in jw3 the movie?

When it attacked them in the boat?

It was merely walking in the water, with its head and its body immersed in water; when it stood up, you could see that the water barely came up to its shins.

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More like crouching in the water you could say

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I like the 2000 one more, when it looked more ‘dinosaurish’.

Ahh ok then

Spino is the super sayajin of dinos.
A new form every other episo… i mean year.