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Breaking News: Confirmed- Some Players Received Unlimited Health & Damage Boost offers in Store today while Majority Did Not

We just received reports that some individuals were able to purchase unlimited amount of health and attack boosts in the play store today. Unfortunately, it is not available to the entire JWA community . We are not sure if the kind of phone has something to do with it. We initially thought it was photo-shopped until confirmed by a select few. Do not be surprised now to see Thor with tier 9-10 damage / health in the arena.

Ludia- please be aware and look into this issue. This adds to all of the other boost issues that you and the community are aware of. These are definitely breaking the battle arena. Please roll back boosts and refund the hard cash the community has spent on them until a proper implementation of boosts can be figured out.

@Ludia_Developers @Jorge @Ned @J.C


Ur post didn’t populate. But yes the title is accurate. Some in our alliance experienced both sides of this

Edit: can see your post now. But yea for a handful of minutes it was unlimited buy for certain people.

Unfortunately I wasn’t one that benefited from this :anguished::sob:

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Attention K-Mart shoppers.

Blue light special on Boosts, Aisle 3.


Pretty much^

Should have added:

Quantities NOT limited.

I’m too poor to take advantage of all these boost glitches :confused:


They where aware of this, it’s why they stopped allowing purchases of them.


So how about the players who already bought loads of them? I think the arena is even more unbalanced now?


I got the offer just for health and attack. 500 dollars for 25 of one. I could buy only 2 times

Unfortunately it was long enough for certain people to get a full attack/hp level 8 team before they got taken down.

At a normal limit of 25 per day of each boost, it will take forever to catch up to that kind of progress

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Good luck everyone in coming new tournaments!

Then we all know who will be at FIRST PLACE!

Cheaters and players with TONS of boost.

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They should be removed completely, see my post if you want some feedback on them. But all over the Facebook group people are cancelling VIP because boosts are ruining the integrity of the game. And this just makes it 10x worse!


Just some effects of this momentary unlimited sale that happened. I have plenty more pictures as well


You know that’s it’s not enough. Boosts have already made arena insane and disbalanced. This situation has made it only worse. Removing offers from the shop when some players bought many packs is not a solution.


I get that removing them is not a solution but it does stop more people from getting too many of them. In the short term.


Let’s face it.

If they diden’t buy all this boosts today,

They could buy 1 EVERY coming day.





I just understand donuts. So i am in!Free Donuts for all!!