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So what are your long term goals …
For me …

  1. Collect them all
  2. Rank top 500 … don’t want to stay there … just that screenshot that says I did it … even my son thinks that would be cool …
  3. 5000+ next tournament
  1. Embrace all members of Sand Dunes in a global meet and greet …


My goals are actually pretty much the same. Reaching 5000 might prove difficult and ranking may be several months away. But I do love the idea of a meet up!


Collect them all.

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I’m down, but please come to me. I am in Detroit lol

JWA World Tour :slight_smile:

My long term goals:

• Get Postimetrodon to level 30. (She’s currently level 20)
• Get Indoraptor (currently 60/250)
• Get Stegodeus to level 30. (He’s currently level 19)
• Get Magnapyritator
I forgot to add, I also want to get Diorajasaur.

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Collect them all

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You will get that Indo

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I think a majority of us are in the US. Even though I would love an excuse to go visit Scotland.


Best pack your waterproofs :roll_eyes:

My goal is to continue to move my team up as equal to level as i can…
I have a few guys that are underleveled compared to the rest of my team and both of them were speedsters which was creating mirror issues. I moved them both closer this week but i want to get my team level as close as possible.

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  1. korean bbq

My goals :

Gotta catch them all.

Battle high enough to get good rewards

Build fun teams to use.

Be a good teammate

To crush my enemy and hear the lamentations of thier women.

Funny side note… Apparently my phone likes Conan as much as me cuz it auto suggested the whole line after crush my opponents


I’ve reached my goal. I’ve made friends I didn’t even know I needed. :hugs:

But that tryko tho…:joy:


I need to love this more than once …

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Number 5 if I count correctly :+1:

  1. Put my phone down and cuddle the missus or die … I didn’t type that one
  1. Man U win the league … sorry to the non brits and RG and Taserface (not)

Travel to Zone 5 in Taiwan.

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