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Breathe and reflect

To actually enjoy the game again. It’s so full of crap now. 1.6 is just going to introduce new ways for spoofers to cheat and more ways to waste money on a crap game with no future.

Ive been ranked but it doesnt count, its was just after the trophy reset but i was in tbe top 200 for an hour. Right now I’m just focused on getting all the Dinos, fairly close actually, once that’s accomplished I’ll worry about getting ranked permanently so I’m not sure the game will hold interest long enough for me to pull that off

My main goal is to collect them all.

After 1.4 was released I had an intermediate goal: Collect all the pterosaurs. I’ve managed to achieve this one. :grin:

Short term goal - bring all my team members to level 25 at least (though I know one of those will be quite hard to get to 25, my newest member, Magna) At the moment almost all of my team is either 23/24/25 barring Magna who is level 21.

Long term goal - maybe reach top 100 ranking? Not sure. Also try to collect them all of course!

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levels or not, you have skills, tos.

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Thank you! I like to think that I do, lol. Though I know I could do better.

Be top 100 competitive. Chill with the Dunes

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