*breathe in* *breathe out*

Are you sure it isn’t higher level teams dropping to farm incubators so they can collect/buy more boosts?

Forcing incubators to buy boosts is the new hip thing, and it’s easier to win if you drop.

The cost of boosts doing this is cheaper than the old price, much cheaper than the new price.


I cant be sure no. But those are the same teams I’ve always seen there. Nothing new. I also know that MM rules change around there. And that trophy dropping its eaiser to farm aviary (having done it a lot myself).

When you hear hoofbeats think horses not zebras.

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It absolutely is @DragonHunter and nobody from up there will convince me otherwise. If you check latest battles they al have a high score way up up up. Now sure some enthusiasts will come up to claim they got their behinds kicked and therefor fell down alllll the way down. But we know better :wink:


Hard to argue with conspiracy theories.

Level 28 boosted creatures eat their way trough Aviary. No way they can’t get up to Library.


Your statement is correct but I don’t understand how its relevant - mikko is not in aviary. Hes in library.

Edit for context:

Library is where all the top 1000 plus players are at the start of every season. So the first 100 or so matches will be a random match against anyone from top 10 to 5299 trophies.

These matches occur because the player poured 100% of their boosts in to 2 to 3 dinos. So when they get them they go up but when they dun or when they meet a top 10 player they lose and drop. So a bad round of team draws will kick them down within your trophy count.

Its frustrating. I went from 5.6k trophies down to 5.4k trophies then back up to 5.7k trophies in the same 3 hour period. So my opponents met could be as low as 5.2k trophies and as high as 5.9k trophies. With Ludia loosening the MM a bit last season, the range could be easily 4.9k to 6k trophies.

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OP is at 5100± trophies, that’s lower library, upper Aviary range. Right where I’m at, and pretty much what I’m experiencing. I don’t believe matchmaking cares whether you are at Aviary or Library, or I’d just be facing opponents with lower levels right now.

Considering there are a few posts here that explain how and why this is happening, I hardly think it’s a fallacy, much less some conspiracy.

The math checks out, there’s at least one thread on that.

Zebras and horses? Depends on where you are, if I’m in a zoo, I’m not thinking horses.


Aviary is 50/50 trophy/power. I cant remember if its changed to 67% trophy based and 33% power based. Lib, Depot and Shores are 100% trophy based.

The initial 1.week.is hell for all since everyone is within the range of the top 100 players and can have a streak of bad matches. That is if the matchmaking is working as.it was said to do so.

Doesn’t explain why I’m seeing the same as OP in Aviary.

Okay, I get it. Maybe I’m slow.
"There are no arena droppers… :wink: :wink:


Better communication…ahem.

I appreciate your explanation, but it comes off a bit dismissive.

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At the start of every season, every player in Depot and Shores is kicked down to Library. That is 1000 plus players on top.of the current few hundred in Library. Once the bell is rung, everyone starts to battle. So some will be kicked down to near low Library or Aviary. Then since their teams are actually Depot level they start to climb up. Same time you are clawing your way up and meet a few of these players on their ascent.

Why you are meeting them is because their trophy score is within 200 of yours. Since 1000+ players have 5499 at the start, some will lose 200 trophies and drop to 5299 then be within range of anyone around 50XX trophies. If Ludia loosened the range, the MM could extend to 48XX.

No I am not dismissing your concerns. They are 100% correct. People are dropping but not by choice. The place where the evil droppers will be is Gyro Depot. 5.8k to 5.9k trophies. Goldilocks point to farm.incubators and then make a last week break.into Shores to clock high score.

Ahh, I see. No one else below this level would see the math works. :eyes: :joy:

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Reason i say they are there is because in Shores, the timer is 2 mins instead of 30s…That means less battles per play session. So to farm incubators and then boosts, its best not to enter Shores until you have farmed enough to charge up the ranks.

Matchmaking based 100% on trophies.

With so boosted Thor probably other team is very lightly boosted if at all. When don’t draw this monster probably mostly lose.

EDIT: My team average is little over 26 and I’m around 5200, cause I still have unboosted team.

In your zest to say I’m wrong and your assessment is true, I think you overlook the very real possibility…

We are both right.

OP is seeing what I originally stated. You are seeing what I also originally stated (droppers in aviary).

These facts are not mutually exclusive.

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That was directed at arugono, not really you.
My bad for not replying correctly.

I didn’t take your comments as negative.

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No worries!!! Thanks for the clarification. Good luck in there.

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That rat had 5000 health. I couldn’t kill it.