Breedering enhancement!

Wouldn’t it be amazingly awesome if you could slightly boost your chance to get a particular dragon from breeding? Something not runes! Like the coins or fish. Say I had two skrills one of 4 stars and another of 3 stars. And I want a four star skrill out of breeding the pair. This enhancement would then be applied. After they have started the breeding time you’d tap onto the possible offspring you want and add the additional amount of cash or fish, it should coast more than the first payment to make it challenging! I think it would be awesome!!


Agree :slightly_smiling_face:


The breeding odds are the breeding odds. I’m sorry, but everyone wants their chances of stuff increased. Just no!

It should be hard and time consuming as long as the rest of the game is fair and balanced


Completely agree with you, there should be some sort of item that can enhance your chance to get a higher star dragon. The breeding as it stands is very annoying, hundreds of hours spent to get nothing but 3 star dragons out of 4-5 star breedings is very annoying, I don’t want to spend my runes on getting my breeding done instantly, I don’t mind the wait, but I hardly get rewarded by this game when I breed. I am just spending resources and time just to get some dumb 3 star dragon that I can’t even trade to my friends!
Maybe add trading in game, kinda like Pokemon Go has, for fish/coins, e.g a 1* trade takes like 1000 fish, a 2* takes 3000 fish, 3* takes 5000, 4* 10000 fish, 5* 20000 fish, obviously the fish can go up, I don’t think 20k fish is enough for a 5* trade. You can also lock trading by stars, so you can’t trade a 1* dragon for a 5*, only 1 for 1, 2 for 2 etc.

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Like @TheDragonSlayer said, the whole gameplay for higher star dragons (without trust dragons) is based on luck - for a reason. Breeding odds should be odds and trading would break the whole gameplay.
Learn to work with the dragons you have or can get, try to fit your tactic to that dragons, that is the main idea of this game.
If you could change odds or trade dragons, there would soon be a „perfect team“ (or some of them) that everyone wants to have and can beat most levels, resulting into „the one who pays the most gets the best dragons“ (not only spending money ingame for changing breeding odds, but paying other players to trade their dragons).