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Breedery Bug tutorial

I had got a problem when I lv 16 and text in tutorial breedery quest are missing.
I notice support team name Mario and he reply me to reinstall game and redownload but didnt work, I waitting for support team fix this bug around 3-4 days ago. I redeem vip and bought some package ~35$ and I only played on day 11th after that I got this bug that I cant play anything in this game 12 13 14 15 …

How long you can resolve my problem ?

Support is bogged down by tickets right now, so their response time is a bit slow :confused: I’m sorry you’re having these issues, though. I’m sure Mario will get back to you, it just might take a bit longer.

However, in the meantime, let’s see if we can’t help you. When you say the text is missing, is this to say that a quest you were given by Valka is not showing? Or do you mean the breedery itself is not showing up for you?

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Text was missing and I cant see material for combine in volka tutorial. then I cant touch anything in the screen.

I’ve had the duty screen freeze on me every now and again; something that is usually fixed by manually forcing the game to close and restarting it, but I havn’t had the issue of missing text… And I have to admit I’m a bit surprised that uninstalling and reinstalling the game entirely didn’t fix that. Because that would imply it’s something hardcoded, and not just a ‘hiccup’.

In this case you would usually be asked about the specs of your phone. Does it meet the minimum requirements specified for the game to run?

Also, the more RAM available on your phone the better. If you’re running low on storage it can put a strain on these things.

And then, finally, multiple windows. I, personally, don’t have issue with having multiple apps up while playing because I have terrible habits, but this can adversely affect other players during gameplay and is usually another thing that is commonly recommended Not To Do.

I feel like this is a bug that has happened before, albeit a few updates ago. Or at least something similar. It might be you have a particularly stubborn case of it as I could have sworn it was fixed.

If none of this is an issue, you might just have to wait for Mario to get back to you. Which, again, with the delay might take a bit.

Of course if anyone else here has had a similar experience and knows a possible solution, I do welcome their input!

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Ok, i just wait. And am surely that problem cause from data system not my device because I tried by 2 others devices and have a same problem.

Huh. That’s an odd one :confused: I’m sorry I couldn’t be of more help, but I hope you get a solution soon!

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