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Breedery bug

I upgraded my breedery to level 4, and it said it would reduce the breeding time by 25%. So if I bred 2 4*s then the time should go down from 16h to 12h. That didn’t happen. Can someone look into this?

It only reduces breeding time of certain dragons. If I remember correctly the one you just did only reduces breeding time for 2 star dragons.

Oh. That’s disapointing.

The first 15% and 25% are for 2-star dragons only. Takes level 35 to have -25% for 3-star dragons, and duck knows what for 4-star, seeing as max level is 50 and Hatchery has like a 7 upgrades including 3-star breeding starting at 34.

Shouldn’t it be reduction on rare breeding time? Isn’t the reduction in uncommon supposedly done already?


They had to protract the per-level unlocks to level 50, so… it goes from 15 to 25%. It doesn’t stack. Next upgrades will come much later and, yes, they will be immediately 25%.

I’m afraid I don’t follow…

And the mods seemed fit to close my thread, yet they provided no answer in a comment at the very least. Will anyone just answer to my question directly?

  1. Max level is 50, devs needed one building to be unlocked per level, so something had to be “doubled”.
  2. The first upgrade was 15%, this one is 25%, they do not stack, the final reduction is still 25% only. -15minutes per 2star dragon.
  3. Future upgrades will indeed give immediately -25%. This is the full list.
  4. Your thread was moved\merged with an existing similar thread, do not worry.
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The percentages is not the issue here. The issue is there should be a rare breeding time reduction and it shows “uncommon”. So, it practically is useless, which must be a bug, as in another thread we had discussed breedery upgrades and there really should be a rare reduction. I don’t know what’s going on in here but it doesn’t feel right.

Actually it less less than 1 per level. There is no building upgrade at 40 and probably other levels


That’s good to know, means there’s room for that energy suggestion of around a week back, but this is sorta out of topic.

There is, did you look at the wikin link provided

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So, it’s legit then? Useless at the time but legit?

Looms like player level 35 you will be able to do the upgrade. Just check he wiki

The rare reduction upgrade, you mean. Got it. So, useless as this particular one is for me at the moment, I will spend the gold when I don’t have any other priorities for its use.

It is helpful for quick breeding or when a new species is introduced and you want to breed


I’m more interested in 3x3 and 3x4 though.

Anyways, thank you guys. Truly.