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Breedery is horrible

The breedery is horrible, the odds state 4.5%, but i have bred the same pair of dragons about 40 times and based on the odds I should have gotten the dragon I needed by now.


breedery… !

I think there is a problem with reproduction. Cause I don’t remember when the 5 * dragon came

there is a problem in general.

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It is a probability, some people will get a 5* after 3 attempts others will take over 50. I have had both results. Keep going without interruption and it will come.


Welcome to the joys of statistics, they are not reflecting reality that often.


Maybe another side effect of the last bug release… I mean, UPDATE…

I upgraded a 4* blue dragon 3 times in a row, using only 2* blue dragons.
That should’ve give me 40% chances of upgrading his special ability every time… it was at lvl 3, it reached lvl 4 only after upgrading to the 3rd star.

Never happened before the update…


Short explanation: you have a 4.5% chance per attempt ( wich is better than 2% aka the original odds before the breeding boost update.


40% is not 100%. In fact, it’s less than 50 (half). It’s a relatively strong chance but not a guaranteed chance.

And I doubt your training issue has anything to do with the last bug release (I do like the term though)

Some dragons are just stubborn…

(And here we were talking about breedery, not training up.)

People tend not to understand the statistics. You can all understand that higher chance is the best chance, right?

Breedery is much better with the boost - if we have a streak going we get about double the chances to get something.

It still doesn’t make it a guarantee though. Especially since highest chances to get epics and legendaries are less than 10%.

You are lucky when you get stuff, period.

And when you don’t… Perhaps try breeding for something else for a while. Some pairings are “stubborn”. Much like dragons trained

Or insist until you get the desired offspring… Provided you don’t lose precious time to develop your main teams; in other words, make sure you already have a good main team before spending so much of your time on the wait
Also insist if you don’t have many options and really need that dragon to progress, that there’s not much choice