“breedery” has been a long time. I can’t even see 4 * dragon. I always get bored to get 3 * dragon. Although the breeding rate is at the end, I try many times and always get 3 * dragon. I think there is a problem with the rates, I think, should be reviewed. I think I tried the same 15 times, but always getting 3 * dragon is really annoying. So what is the meaning of these percentage rates ???

Getting 3 * dragons after trial is very, very boring!

can someone explain the logic of this situation to me???

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The numbers tell you the chance you got of getting a particular dragon. Imagine you have a bag filled with 200 marbles (using 200 instead of 100 to get round numbers as half a marble would be odd.) 7 of them are green, 13 of them are yellow and 180 of them are purple. (it’ll be quite difficult to randomly chose one that isn’t purple right?)

Now each time you breed it is like picking a marble from this bag. You’ll have a 3.5% chance to pick one that is green, 6.5% for a yellow one and 90% for a purple one. Now suppose you try to pick a yellow one you’d on average will have to try about 200/13 =15.4 times before you’ll get it. (you may need to do it less times or more times, but generally you’ll have to do close to 15 or 16 breedings to get it)

So no as far as I can tell there is nothing wrong with the odds. Getting 15 3* in a row isn’t really that rare an occurence. The chance of it happening is determined with the formula: (90%)^15 = 20.5% (Basically if you were to do 15 breedings you got a 1 in 5 chance for it to all be 3* dragons) .

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I understand …

however, what I want to tell is that I am not a new player :slight_smile: and it was more common to get 4 * and 5 * dragons before. that is, it became very difficult after these rates. i can’t understand that. always and always 3 * dragons are coming.
I know very well what you wrote. I mean it has become very difficult and that’s why

Rather than looking at the breeding rate, I would more looking at individual’s luck. After this breeding odd system came out, I’m able to breed a full 5* Murmurquill and Sawmaw (yes, 3 copies of each) and 1 copy of Shrill Boltbeak.

So why not you just keep on trying and eventually you will get it one day later.

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4x3 is pain… Increase cost and time but do it without 2*

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I kept trying. and 5 * after 30-40 attempts. I am trying to explain. More difficult to get than before.

I write using translation. I may not be able to express it clearly :slight_smile: We have been able to get at least 4 * in the past. Even now he is getting very hard.:slight_smile:

How 5*+4* dragon get 80% 3* dragon how Ludia 4 times up to 20 hours and get 3* dragon in full boost.

Because it’s ludia, they like to make it difficult

Do they?

Yes I used runes to speed up but three 4* and one 5* in less than 24 hrs is not funny … No, the bonus was not completed in most cases.

I am just stating not complaining.

Sometimes that’s just luck, I usually get a 5* about every 10-12 days