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Breeding 5* dragons

Anyone have luck breeding two 5* dragons to get another? Any idea how long it took to get the offspring? Debating breeding my Skullcrushers together to try for a Valiant Scarbearer or if that’s a waste of time, just leveling up the Skullcrushers

Personally, I have had no luck breeding 5* dragons. I have played the game since release and I have done almost a hundred breeds with two 5* dragons.

Have done speed breeding on multiple occasions. And I have yet to be successful once. To date, I do not have a single 5* non-event dragon that is maxed.

Perhaps I just have bad luck. I know others have successfully bred two 5* dragons and gotten a 5*.

I, too, have been playing since release (pre-registered, even) and have never received a 5* through breeding. I have only ever received one dupe of a 5*, and have never had any good luck during the ‘legendary’ drafts. Even when doing multiples in a row.

I’ve given up any ardent efforts on either, and just sort of have a breeding pair in the background as an off chance sort of thing. Don’t actually hold any faith in it though.

I don’t know if Ludia thinks these mediocre chances will improve the probabilty of their consumer base shelling out more money for their ludicrously priced packages, but all it does is leave a sour taste in my mouth. I’m certainly not paying anything over 10 USD, and even then I have to really feel like it’s worth it.

It’s one thing to to make things difficult so that players have to work towards the best dragons. But as it stands, it just feels like these dragons are hidden behind a pay wall. I’m of firm belief these things that are high tier shouldnt be easy. But they shouldn’t be to this degree either.



I think this is the first time I have read something negative from you since you become an Ambassador.

“ludicrously priced packages” … LMFAO

I thought you were supposed to sugar-coat everything.

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Lol I’m an ambassador, not Ludia staff :wink: I always do my best to be honest and open minded to both sides of the board. Just as I was before. I’ve never felt like any of the others were trying to temper me.

I don’t think this is the first time since getting the title, though? I thought it was afterwards that I mentioned (albeit offhandedly) that I didnt like that they were selling 3* scales.

Anyway, all I really do is try to give support and help where I can. It’s honestly not much different than what I was doing before. :grinning:


First Boltbeak came from a skullcrusher x revenger pairing, 2nd came from boltbeak x revenger
1st chestnut was a boltbeak x skullcrusher pairing, 2nd was chestnut was chestnut x skrillcrusher, 3rd chestnut was chestnut x chestnut. I don’t do drafts at all. Speed breeding has treated me pretty well.

:weary: Color me envious! Guess I’ll just be over here in my corner whinging and moaning over my lack of luck, then. Speed ups never did anything but deplete me of my hoarded runes.

Still, congratulations nonetheless :wink:

Theres nothing special about speed breeding besides just giving you more chances, even with the upgrade, 5 star x 5 star breeding take 18 hours, in a week I can get 9 breedings if I stay on top of it. If I speed breed when it convenient, say I log on and there 8 hours left, I never have down time if I don’t log in 8 hours after that. The time get reset to 18 hours. You don’t have to spend all the runes at the same time. I wait til I got fish to burn and make more of an effort to reduce down time.

But I think it’s something like every rune spent speeds you up around 4 minutes. So spending 1000 runes a week, I can get another 3-4 breedings and never have down time so I get significantly more chances than not spending runes.

Also I’ve never ”given up”, I breed for what I want to get and don’t stop until I do. Chestnut was my goal, I happened to get a boltbeak doing so, I bred for 3x chestnuts for a long while, but got em. I reroll the quests for breed x species with y species I’m always breeding for my goal.

I didn’t figure there were any sort of increased chances involved with spending runes to speed up breeding. Merely satiating(if only on a minute scale) my own impatience lol

I should mention as well; I havn’t given up per se. As I stated previously, I’ve merely lost interest in putting forth devoted time, effort and runes. I still have dragons breeding- the same ones- but they’re no longer of focus. They’re ‘on the back burner’, so to speak. One at a time, they finish when they finish. I used to save up fish and runes specifically for the task of breeding at a faster pace, but now it’s just…‘eh’. ¯_(ツ)_/¯ Can’t really feel motivated when theres no sense of accomplishment. Be it by poor luck due to unfavorable RNG or otherwise.

Still awesome you were able to get such great gains though! I know you’re not the only one, I believe a clanmember just recently got the last Sawmaw dupe they needed as well. :+1:

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Thank you very much for the replies!

My follow-up question was going to revolve around the success rate of getting a 5* from two 4* parents. Given the rarity of getting a 5* from 5* parents, trying to get a 5* Skyglow from two 4* Skywardens may be a fruitless endeavor.

I’ll keep it going

I have only bred one 5* dragon before. I was trying for Gladgut, the 4* Abomibumble and bred Blazing Phoenixfire with my Charsoul and Obsurdian.

I’m not saying it’s easy however. I’m currently trying for Gritty Sawmaw to finish off my Whispering Death collection, and I’ve bred nothing but 3*, and Coldreigns constantly. I can’t even get a Foehammer or a dupe Bombwelter which I need to get my BW to a Titan wing.

I suggest more people make noise about ludia not showing the breeding odds, so we can make that decision logically. More people were making noise about 4 star dragons making 2 star offspring than want to know breeding odds.

I think you’re right.

I just bumped the other breeding odds thread. Hopefully there will be enough community engagement to prioritize the odds displayment


Just bred two Skywardens together and got a Skyglow. Probably got extremely lucky with the RNG but used the technique from @Matt_H (never do anything else, re-roll breed duties) and worked well.

Thanks again for the advice

it’s pretty tough to get a 5s through breeding, but it is definitely possible. although i shamefully have quite a few 5s through drafts, i did manage to get 5-6 of the 5* dragons, mainly pure-breeds, but also a couple cross-breeds (from multiple hundreds of breeding attempts, however — i can’t remember all their names so please excuse that lack of information) what i find though, is that the cross-breed 5*s are the toughest to get. i suppose it’s only logical since there are more possibilities for the babies when you pair 2 different species.

if anyone has any tips or tricks though, please do share! will be much appreciated. and ditto to @Darodeth for the breeding odds call-out! otherwise, good luck everyone :wink:

Hybrids are definitely harder, like breeding skullcrusher to boltbeak, if I had to guess at the odds I’d guess I get a hybrid 1 out of 7 attempts, even if it’s just a knock rocket. That’s why it is recommended once you get hybrids to breed, say 2x skillcrusher, you breed them instead.

And if more people actually made noise about breeding odds not being posted and got them to actually show them. I could tell you with absolutely certainty what the best route for you to take to give you the maximum chance for your goal. For now I’m just guessing.

I am pretty sure the odds for 5* will be really low - I would like confirmation that the odds are better for getting a 5* if the parents are both 5* as opposed to a 4* with a 5* as parents. It should be since it costs so much more in time and fish