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Breeding Boost. How do you feel about it? (POLL)

Hello fellow dragon riders! After all the discussion i’ve seen in other threads i decided to create a simple poll so that we have a more trustworthy source of what the community (and not a few) thinks about the recently introduced breeding boost.
This may help Ludia decide what could be the best course of action to take, IF they do anything at all. So share if you can.

The purpose of the poll is to represent two polarizing points of view that have split the playerbase:
Some people say that “5* are being pulled like candy” and “are too easy to get” whereas others haven’t had success in getting anything worthy since the feature was implemented and feel like nothing has changed.

So let’s begin, vote for the option of your choice and/or comment if you have other idea.

  • Keep the boost rates. The game is improving and i like it.
  • Get rid of the breeding boost. It’s ruining the game and i hate it.
  • Other. Please specify.

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The poll will automatically close in 2 weeks.


Keep the boost: He**, yes! It’s a great concept in my opinion.
Keep the rates: They are a little too high in my opinion.
Go back to old rates: Never ever.

I’m currently breeding 4 star and 5 star with full boost and have a 4.5% chance of getting a 5 star. In my opinion something like 2.5% would be better.

And now I feel like I never used “in my opinion” that much before - this topic is very sensitive. If someone would make me choose between the current breeding situation and the one before, I’d go for the current one.


Rates are fine but they should compare the rates to drafts because drafts are just a waste of ruins. Also top players can obtain the dragons they need too easily so we need more variety or have hybrid, hybrid dragons that are harder to obtain and is worth their money and to mix up arena a bit.


I think the Breeding Boost is good, but the problem is how it applies in the case of cross breeding. When you are cross breeding each of the possible 5* results is given the boost, which causes the chances to be as follows:
total chance for 5*: approx 8.5%
total chance for 4*: approx 7%
total chance for 3*: approx 85.5
Which is just really weird to be honest cuz the chance to get a 5* is at that moment higher than the chance to get a 4*. Personally I think this a bug (that the boost isn’t supposed to be on each individual 5* but that it should be divided over the 3 possible 5* dragons.) Perhaps @Ned could check with the devs about this?

Now in the case of same species breeding one has the following chances:
5*: 3.5%
4*: 6.5%
3*: 90%
Which are, as you can see, a lot lower (and seem a lot more reasonable).

Also I think the discussions that have been going on is because of this difference between the odds. The group that is saying that the breeding odds are too high and 5* dragons are being given away are likely talking about the crossbreeding, while the other group is talking about the Same species breeding (it would also explain why some people get a lot of 5*'s fast while others don’t)

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I think it’s fine if you can get a 5* every like 30 breeds cause I’m seeing also of people getting lucky with five star and I’m at the max so I have a 4.5% chance to get the 5 star and j only get one four star
And the rest are three stars

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The breeding boost is great but the rates are too high.

Id be fine with a 2.5 % max for 5* (even for hybrids) or deleting the speed breed button.

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For those of us who can’t speed it up the rates are just fine. Every 30ish breeding a possible 5 star is fine with me. Also let’s be honest here it only creates “problems” we’re arena is concerned which is but one mode of the whole game.
Would any of you raise that much trouble if arena wouldn’t exist?


You’re right this might explain why the most commonly mentioned dragon is Murmur. Maybe that’s what I need to swap to - just in case they nerf the odds!

On average at 8.5% it would take 12 tries…

I tried to tell everyone :upside_down_face:

Unfortunately you made it sound like ALL 5* were high.
Besides that 8.5 must be when you do 2 of the hushboggle. I am doing Fleetsleet x Bombwelter and the Murmur starts at <1%, so will only end up at max 2.5% not 8.5.

Each dragon has 2.5… so thats 7.5%

No the total odds are 8.5% (3*2.5% from the boost + 1% initial odds) else the initial odds for each dragon would be 0%. The reason it appears as 2.5% is just cuz they round off the numbers (sometimes down sometimes up).

Right? Might as well release a mechanic that levels your dragons for you while we’re at it

The prob for murmur only will be Mx 3 ish % as it starts at <1, for my combination of parents.

Just re-read initial post mentioning 8.5% and it does say total, I misread it as each 5*! My bad.

So yes if you aren’t bothered by which 5* - and at this point I will be very grateful for any!

You can start your own polls @TheDragonSlayer :upside_down_face:


Guys… It tells you the full percentage chance you get below the bar in breeding. Using two 5*s to breed (and a 4 with a 5 I believe) will bring your chances up to 4.5% if you have maxed it out, not 8%. You can’t max the bar more than once, once you do it that 2.5% boost stays there and adds to the original 2% chance unless you miss the timer.

It’s a 2.5% boost in total once you breed 5 times.

@CelestialEnvoy Perhaps you need an example.

Suppose you put Bombwelter together with Coldreign in your breedery. You’ll then be able to get 3 different 5*'s namely Murmurquill, The Furtive Fleetsheet and Sawmaw. The initial chances of each one of them are something like 0.2%, 0.4% and 0.4% respectively (initial odds being 1% and you have a 1/5 chance to get a hybrid and 2/5 for both Non-Hybrids.) Once you get the full 2.5% boost they get applied to each of these 3 Dragons resulting in them having 2.7%, 2.9%, 2.9% (or in total 8.5% of getting a 5*) dragon)

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Ooh I see, you’re talking about hybrids. That makes more sense lol, I haven’t personally bred hybrids in some time so I missed it. In that case, wouldn’t it make more sense just to change the odds when it comes to them?

Yeah thats what i also think should be happening (that the breeding boost gets divided over the 3 5* dragons. In the example Id say 0.5% should go to the Murmurquill while 1% should go to each of the other 2)


I like this idea but maybe a 1-1.5% boost since there is already a ~1% chance