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Breeding chance


I’m sorry for making a topic for a simple question, but I’d really like an answer:

Does level\training improve the breeding chance or is it always the same?

I ask because the breeding tutorial gives you 2 maxed out 2* dragons, which is quite a generous hand-out, I appreciate it, but does it also suggest that the dragons should also be trained\maxed to make actual hybrids happen?

I’ve tried breeding for a day or so, mostly 3* dragons, and I did get one or two 3* results, but none were hybrid. Maybe hybrids are of lower chance anyway, but I’d like some basic clarification on this subject. Because it’s really important, I’m trying to breed a 4* and it would be quite sad if I’m wasting time, because my parent material is not part of my primary team.

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I asked support and they said it does not improve the chances of breeding unless it changed.

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