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Breeding has gotten impossible

Ever since the last/ second to last update, breeding a 5* has gotten really hard and impossible. I’ve been breeding two 4* two months!! And I’ve only gotten a 4* four times and still didn’t get a single 5*. It wasn’t like that. It was fair! The games getting too boring because I keep breeding the dragons, keep gaining fish to breed more, and keep failing. Idk if it’s time to just move on to another game. These updates are making it ridiculously impossible move forward. What’s the point of playing if no matter how many times I try, I will stay stuck in the same place?

I agree, I’m bored too. I try to breed for 5*, but I’m still stuck with the same team, because I can’t get new dragons.


Last time I got a 5* it took me 65 tries! Never taken that long before, but the % haven’t changed so it’s just down to luck. I hope my next one takes less time!

It is frustrating. I’m ready to level up my 5* Skrill, but I can’t because it’s just too rare. I’ve breed it with my level 4* dragon over 5 times, and it’s just getting tedious.

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5 whole times? Do the breeding odds indicate a 20% chance?

If not you got a ways to go.


Welp, by five times, I meant this time around. I’ve actually been on the search for one for a couple of months. It’s just that 100+ hours just feels like a long time :cry:
Yes, I know that people have spent longer for 5* star dragons, but that doesn’t mean that it still isn’t a long time.

У нас много людей каждый день выводят 5* драконов , но я к сожалению с последнего обновление ещё ни одного не вывел(

Translated From Russian

“We have a lot of people every day 5 * dragons, but I unfortunately from the last update has not yet brought any(”

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Even breeding 4s is pretty ridicolous! Got none dragon for over a month. Ludia should do more for the comfort of players. Even a essential basic like an inventory (for scales etc.) is still not available for players.
If I’ll encounter later the 5
s breeding problematic with the same tediousness, I’ll delete instantly the game and give a 1* rating on google play for ludia’s not beeing able to communicate with community and realise ideas and improvements by feedback like a simple and very basic inventory for such type of games… :(((

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They increased the breeding odds a few months ago from ~0,5-1% to 3.5-4.5% (or even 8.5% if you breed 5x4) it’s a legendary dragon, of course it’s gonna be hard to get. As much as i’d like to have a roster full of maxed out legendaryes it just dosen’t feel right (i mean… it’s called legendary for one reason) you’re complaining about waiting 2 months for a legendary but last year I had to wait 6 months (before they increased the odds).


I agree, they need to give out a 5% instead of a pety 2.5%. It’s infuriating at this point.

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The breeding odds don’t need to be increased. They are fine as they are right now. It takes on average 29 breeding to get a 5* from doing 4x4 same species breeding, which is about 2 weeks if you have a lvl 7 or higher breedery. And that’s if you don’t do any speed breeding at all (you could make sure you get it a lot faster by doing 1 or 2 speed breedings each day that way you’d only have to wait a week on average).

Anyone claiming they haven’t gotten a 5* for several months is either overexaggerating or simply has an incredibly unlucky streak.


Also I can’t seem to ever get the latest breed at all and I have two 4* dragons as well.

I agree, I think the odds are fine right now. I was lucky and managed to get two 5 star dragons over the last 4 days. The system does require luck, but if you are constantly breeding it will come. Even if it takes a long time, breeding I find is the most efficient way to get the dragons you want since you can choose what type of dragon you are targeting. So you’re sacrificing time but in return you’re getting exactly what you wanted.


С момента обновление ещё ни разу не вылупился 5* дракон! Я устал :frowning:

Translated From Russian

Since the update, the 5 * dragon has never hatched! I’m tired

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