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Breeding Night Fury Toothless

I was wondering how to breed toothless. In other dragon case they are in group of 5 dragon 1 to 5 star but toothless is alone how to get it by breed because we already owned it?Screenshot_20190105-223522

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Given that this hasn’t been replied to, I’m guessing there will be a way to unlock him other than breeding and that the “Get it by Breeding” is temp text. Otherwise, it might be like a 0.1% chance every time you breed or something.

Edit: The text has been corrected, but I’m not sure what to because my Book of Dragons is “still under development”

Hello @Madara_Uchiha and @LightFury,

As stated in the Release Notes, it was a bug that displayed Toothless could be bred through the Breedery. There will be ways for you to obtain our beloved Night Fury later on when the game is released globally. We’ll share more info when we can!

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Hi @Marcus. Thanks! Yeah, I read the notes, hence the edit. Any chance the Light Fury will also be released at some point?

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@LightFury something we’re looking forward to do in future updates!


Awesome! I look forward to seeing my namesake (and getting her) in-game soon!


Hi i have titan Uprising and i was wondering how do i get toothless

I was also wondering can you let us unlock the breeding cave at kvl 11

When the event comes around next, you will need to win fights and earn trust points. When you have 1000 Toothless Trust Points, you will unlock him.

It’s called the breedery and it unlocks at level 16. See for more info

People still talk in this post, I thought everyone know that we need to earn trust points in event to get toothless lol


What about breeding Toothless with Toothless?

We don’t know until you get 2nd toothless or lightfury.

Oh wow, you have a Toothless at 5*!! I just want to say, great job there! :grin: :joy:

Here is the light furyRMET5939%202

Thanks however if it has a lock on it, it means you dont that dragon.

Even a 5* Lightfury, wow! How much did you spend for all the Light Fury’s and Night Fury’s you got?