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Breeding not working for 5star

Breedery not allowing the breeding of 2 5* dragons. Green button pops up, but won’t click. Seems to be working fine for breeding lower star levels though

Hmm maybe that was just a problem a couple hours ago? My breeding has worked today. Try again and report back @Tlsapp38

Welcome back to the forums, @Tlsapp38. Kindly let us know if the problem persists even after restarting your device and internet connection.

Hello, breeding of 2 5* dragons does not work for me too. The game is up to date and I have try to reboot the device and the internet connection. But it still does not working. I’m going to loose my extra chances to get a 5* baby :confused: :confused:

Bei mir funktioniert es auch nicht 2 5* Drachen zur Zucht. Fehler über Fehler… mir reicht es schön langsam.

It doesn’t work for me either. 2 5 * dragons for breeding. Mistake after mistake … it’s enough for me.

Guys, breeding 5x4 is better aniways to get 5*s

Edit: the breeding does not work for 5 stars Razorwhip


Probability is set higher into the game for 2 x 5*. How is it possible that 5* x 4* is better ?

It lasts 12 hours instead of 15 and the odds are the same (4,5%).

I will try, thx for the tip

No prob! (Not gonna lie I would like if breeding 5x5 had better odds, even if it was just another 0.5%).

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I have also same problem. It’s already 1 day later. Still can’t breed 2 5* dragon

To those who are unable to breed 5-star dragons, please reach out to support at so they can have a closer look. Don’t forget to include your support key in the message. Thank you!

I can’t breed a pair of Gritty Sawmaws and there doesn’t seem to be a good reason why. The button WILL NOT allow you to select it.
I’m not getting this problem with any other pairs of dragons.
Any ideas how to get around to this???

Try breeding with one 4* instead, 5x4. It’s cheaper faster and the odds are the same.

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I have the exact same issue, going on 5 days without breeding 5 stars… I’m at level 50, If I cant breed dragons, what’s the point?

@ [MochiBear], Breeding a 5* with a 4* worked ty! At least I can continue breeding…