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Breeding odds causing P2W

I know a lot have people here may have been unlucky but these breeding odds are too high. Let me explain my argument before you say “I haven’t gotten anything since the update” or “I bred for months and didn’t make any progression”. Yep I understand, but here is why the update is bad.

If you’re breeding without ever speeding up yes you will end up getting more 5 stars (I saw a chart and it averaged about one 5 star every 20 days or so with the new odds). HOWEVER, people who used to spend money on this game had to spent A LOT to get ahead, like thousands of $$$… Now? You can spend $50 and be way ahead of anyone who is F2p. So essentially this update becomes a P2W update.

To give you an example, I had a little over 10k runes that I bought on a level up special about a month ago and I have been waiting on something good (like one of the 10% 5* odds drafts they do occasionally). I saw the new breeding odds and decided to take advantage. Within 3 days I have gotten 3 sawmaws and a fleetsleet, and i still have 5,000 runes!!! I have been limited on speed breeding by fish, but once you speed breed id say 2k+ runes you pretty consistently are getting 5*s. That’s $20 guys… you want this game to be P2W? Keep supporting the breeding odds. Personally I spend a lot of money on apps that I enjoy playing so by putting this out there understand I want whats best for the long term of the app, even if it means that I have to spend more for a dupe.

You might say “Spires you are so lucky!”, I would tell you I have a few clannies in similar situations as I am, and they have seen the same results - if not better - than I, but believe what you want :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

My suggestion is to keep the system that we have but lower the chances of a 5* from any breed to 1% MAX.

Enjoy the odds while they are here because if something isn’t done every F2p player will be gone within a few months.

EDIT: After reading and responding to everyone’s comments I think I have a solution; COMPLETELY GET RID OF SPEED BREEDING.

Thanks for reading.


Earlier odds were too low, now too high.
The breeding odds are normal now, let it stay 3,5-4,5%


I have no problem with it staying but I will have every 5* I need by next year. And so will anyone else who spends money on this game.

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Six months of the game, they gave the first dragon 5 * just after the last update, so :-1::-1::-1::-1:


Some people are prepared to spend a lot, others less, some are f2p - those who spend the most will get their 5* the fastest - same as before. At least the f2p have a higher chance than before. I’m not sure this makes the gap bigger. There will always be new dragons coming out for everyone to aim for as well.


I am glad. Five stars shouldn’t be rare from the start. What should be rare is the skill to properly synergize your team. Plus, you know, getting enough 3* scales to upgrade all of them fully will take time anyway.

Changes are fine. I did not spend a penny for half a year and for this week I bred two 5* without any speed ups, so its not like only spending money gives it to you. Sure, you get them earlier, so what? You still need tons of resources, and limited 3* scales, to level them up fully. :woman_shrugging:

As an example, I’ve got last duplicate for 5* Changewing around half a month ago. It is still stuck at 4* because I need scales and food and I have other stuff to level up as well, since I’ve spent most of my high scales to upgrade other yellows in the past.
This is well balanced.
Stop qq.


Of course it makes it bigger, before ~1% of the community had the money to blow on thousands of runes. Now it’s more worth doing that so all of the people on the fence of spending money or runes speed breeding will now do so.

I can tell you just in my own experience I am 5 times ahead of my F2p friends since the new update whereas before the update we were both struggling to get 5*s.

5 stars are the rarest thing in the game, how can you possibly say that

There is no strategy unless your roster is limited. If everyone had all the 5 star dragons everyone would be using the same dragons. Arena defense is a perfect example of this, murmur sawmaw and toothless. That is the best starting 3 in the game hands down no matter what, there are other good options but if everyone had those 3 dragons there would be absolutely no variety.


But hadn’t the chance of 5 * been equal to 1% before?

Normal 5* Dragons were a lot harder to get (and probably still are) than the event dragons. The change to breeding was a really good thing for the game. It’ll bring more variety to the lower trophy ranges of arena whre most people predominantly use event dragons.


We don’t know. My guess is .5% before. Similar to draft

Strangely, it is harder for me to have a dragon.

Lower ranges of arena probably don’t have many event dragons anyways so there is already decent variety. Same thing I said to hwarra if people have murmur gritty toothless they will use it no doubt, so really it’s bringing less variety.

Maybe not now but by Christmas I will put money there will be 3x more Gritty/Murmur/Toothless teams than now.

Not the big difference between <1% and 1%. Do you offer to return the previous chance to get 5 *?

Personally I think it should be .1,.2,.3,.4,.5% higher than the old chances, whatever they were

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Most of the players don’t donate to the game, and accordingly they don’t have the opportunity like you to spend 5-10 thousand runes for 5 *


Do you want there to be people who can never get these dragons? Because at some point everyone who is currently playing will have the dragons - it might just be a little quicker now.


It’s a lot quicker, to the point where people who can afford to spend 5-10k runes have a very big advantage. There needs to be a balance, and that balance is forcing players to spend A LOT of money in order to get ahead. Right now I can spend between $20-50 and be way ahead of anyone who is F2p

As someone who does spend money, I am telling you I am the one at an advantage, I posted this for the F2P players. I pulled another sawmaw this morning and just thought, wow, this really isn’t fair.

It would be interesting to know how many of those who don’t like the higher odds already have 5* - do they wish to remain superior?

I play this game to acquire dragons (all of them eventually I hope) and to have fun playing the matching. I don’t want it to be a huge struggle and not to be able to progress because I can’t strategise as well as others - I never was any good at chess!


Thats a fair point, and all I have to say to you is this update is instant gratification, pre-update it was a grind to become superior. Trust me, I understand why people are happy with it, heck I am too I have pulled 4 5*s in 3 days.

I will just be quiet and continue to play at a huge advantage to all of the F2p players out there and watch as they slowly start to quit.