Breeding odds need to be altered to get the max rank dragon

I am absolutely annoyed with the breeding system currently. I have been breeding for The Blazing Phoenixfire for literally 3-4 MONTHS now, and I have just received Fanghook over and over again, with the exception of ONE Charsoul.
I would like to see the implementation of a newer version where you are guaranteed to get the max rank dragon (according to level) after a certain amount of attempts, at least 10.
Ludia, Please?

Dude the odds are an improvement if you look at the older ones, it’s all about luck. Ludia increased the breeding odds aniways (from less than 1% to up to 7.5% if you breed one 5 stars and a 4 stars at least and both are from different species). I think you should just switch to breeding two different dragons.

I suggest you to write an email to the support to let them have a look at your account. Just to make sure everything is alright.

I know there is a thing called variance. But getting the dragon you want or not is a binary outcome, and naturally it follows a binomial distribution. If your chance of getting it is 5% for one run, assuming independence between runs, the probability of not getting it in 60 runs(maybe this is for 1 month assuming two breeding runs a day) is 0.95^60 = 4.6%, in other words the probability of getting at least one such dragon is nearly 95.4% — this is pretty much equal to 1.

Your I guess your suspicion is justified. Or Ludia needs to clarify how their probability works — the only assumption I made above is independence between runs.

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No, they already made a huge update to the breeding system and basically let every player get the 5 stars they wanted…

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I feel your pain, been trying to breed a Sawmaw dupe since December.

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