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Breeding odds not producing results

Is the breeding odds really working? I have been breeding a 5 star red razor whip with a 4 star blue razor whip. I have done so 12 times and have only got 2 and 3 star dragons. Obviously I am at the top of the of the odds category. Why am I wasting all this time and fish if I am never going to get a 4 or 5 star dragon

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Wondering how did you get 2* dragons…

seem like not affect, I’m testing breedy 4 stars dragons by 2 3* dragons. But still got nothing LOL, dont know how the mechanic works

4.5% means that averagely you get a 5* every 22 tries, so it’s still hard to tell if it’s really working now.

Wow! I guess I just expected it to be better odds with the update to help. Still seems so defeating to try and try without different results. Thanks.

4.5%for getting a 5* =95.5% you can’t get it … Lol

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Well the odds is more than two times higher than before so I would say it’s really good now, better than what I expect.

MORE than 2x is right. It’s way too high. 2x would’ve been fine, but 4x-9x higher is absurd. Game is basically like a participation trophy sport now. Everyone makes the team and everyone gets an award after every game, even if the team loses. Everyone will have every dragon soon.

how do you even get to the 4x to 9x number? the lowest odds are 1% (which is 4x4) and that gets raised to 3.5% cuz of a full boost.


What is wrong with that? Besides, there are always new ones coming out. And they are hardly giving them away - it is still very hard to get a 5* unless you are one of the ones who seem to be very lucky…

I don’t know where the 9x comes from…


i think so too .

It is understandable that some top players don’t like this update since other players may got those best dragons sooner. The arena will be more competitive.



Arena will be more competitive? Everyone whines now about how hard it is. So now everyone gets to play against more difficult teams? People whined so much that ludia made it 10x easier by reducing defense buffs and increasing rerolls.

Now it’s just more for people to complain about because look, there’s more sawmaws and Murmurquills. Let’s make it even easier or Nerf them or whatever the next step is to water this game down and make it even worse than it is right now.

Everyone just wants everything and for everyone to be equal. Life is a bell curve, and everything should mirror life.


The normal dragons have gone from .5% to 3%. That’s a 6x increase.

Hybrids have gone from <5% to 2.5%. At a very minimum that’s 6x and I’m assuming it’s higher.

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Are you sure thats not just a visual bug? (cuz all the chances of each 5* being boosted in hybrid breeding seems like it definitely could just be a bug and that its supposed to only boost 0.1%/boost level for hybrid and 0.2%/boost lvl for the other 2 non-hybrid dragons)

Where are you getting this info from? Is this why you’re arguing so hard for this increase? Have you not looked at the numbers. The increase is insane. It’s 6x-9x higher. You think that’s ok???

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Thats just what i think is supposed to be happening (that the boost is supposed to be the total increased chance of getting a 5* rather than the increased chance for each of them)

yes, but who is to say that that isn’t just a visual bug? (if it isn’t than yeah the increas would be too much, but if it is a visual bug then i’d say the odds would be fine)

More players will also have attack teams that can counter Sawmaw, murmur etc.

Why does a game have to mirror life? Besides, life should aim to be equal too!!

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Yes the increase is big, but it just means it was incredibly and unfairly low before!