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Breeding odds?

I could have sworn I read that the breeding odds were going to be released. Did I create that in my head, or did I miss it?

I ask because of this. And this isn’t even all of them. This is before I had to feed a bunch of them to another Dragon to make room. 19 times in total, all 2 stars.


Hey Stormchaser2, I believe Marcus had addressed a similar question here on this thread:

Sorry about that, I don’t know where I got the idea that the odds were going to be released. Thank you again.

@Stormchaser2 You had that in mind because they announced some breedery changes including showing the odds recently:


I wish they’d show this too. I remember reading it in the patch notes a while back (as shown above) and wondering why they haven’t implemented it yet. I don’t understand why they suddenly chose not to show it, seeing as it isn’t game breaking in any way, and it’s not like Ludia is going to gain or lose anything whether we know the odds or not. Us knowing won’t change the odds themselves either, just lets us make a few smarter choices and gives us more incentive to get and use other dragons for breeding if we can see that it’s worth it (especially if we don’t have as much time to play and need to use our fish wisely).

It’s just frustratingly punishing for no reason. It’s just a percentage number, and considering how ridiculously long we wait for eggs to hatch in realtime anyways, it would make it feel more worthwhile to spend our time breeding certain dragons (otherwise it just feels like time theft at times). If anything, it might even increase the incentive for breeding or even spending runes on breeding in some cases. If anything it’s really just a small quality of life increase (this includes showing stuff like your scale supply for example. I’ve been wanting to see this since I started playing).

I mean, they already show the draft % odds, and countless other gacha games themselves even show odds percentages of all kinds. Other games with breeding mechanics give percentages, or at the very least, have a way to calculate percentages. Allowing players to plan things strategically and efficiently feels more rewarding and incentivizing than not, and it’s just a number, so it just seems silly and demoralizing to not show it. If anything it encourages people to use it more, and you already show the “upgrade breedery to speed up by 25%” and whatnot, so all other percentages in game are shown except this? and especially since tons of people ask to just see the odds, wouldn’t you, from a player’s perspective, want to see it too?

I mean, going even further in relation for actual genetics regarding snake breeders for example, like scaleless/albino/conda morphs/ etc. the breeders themselves even know percentages for how to breed different rare morphs/genes based on parent lineage via knowing percentages based in dominant and recessive genes of both parents (and knowing the average percentage of the clutch with the estimated morph quantity to appear), and if people can know these percentages for breeding visuals in actual reptiles in real life, shouldn’t we be able to see/know these in game too for reptiles that are fantasy based in game? haha~ just food for thought I guess.

(Anyways… Sorry, I didn’t meant to make a wall of text, but this is just one of those small annoying things I’ve found illogical to leave out of a game for so long that has limited things to do in it anyways)


I just feel like we’re screaming into the void at this point. So frustrating.


Could we get a way, ANY WAY, of increasing the breeding odds at some point?

Knowing the percentages is wonderful, but seeing you have <1% rather than 3% to breed the dragon you are hunting does nothing for us in the long run.
What we really need is a way to increase our chances of getting the dragons we are trying to breed. Breeding for a specific dragon for 3-4 months, and getting nothing for it, is unfun.
Oh, then good luck getting the dupes you need to actually level said dragon.


Yeah, they may need a way to increase breeding odds (perhaps using the lvl of the highest lvl’d dragon and its ability lvl)

And also having something akin to a pity time (that if you do a hundred or so 4x4 breedings in a row without getting a 5* the next one will be guaranteed to be a 5*) This would prevent extremely unlucky breeding Streaks


Oh, yes please! I don’t know why I didn’t think of this, but yes some way to work hard towards increasing breeding odds would be SO much nicer than extremely low rng all the time (and I like these ideas too. Especially the raising level to increase odds bc it helps to incentivize levelling all lower dragons more so too, aside from just the side quests that offer this motivation as well)

Ugh yeah unlucky breeding steaks makes it feel like it’s not even worth trying to breed for anything sometimes. I even had a hard time just trying to get the 1 and 2 star cross breeds for the sake of my dragon book for the rewards. I think I struggled for like, 2 weeks getting those and it was ridiculous (breeding a 5star is like winning the lottery at this point)

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I have been equally frustrated recently. All my top dragons have been unable to level up for over a month. No matter how many times I breed dragons or do drafts nothing works. All results are small 2 or 3 star dragons.

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