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Breeding problem


You know i’m trying to to breed 4 stars dragons since more than a MONTH but the chances are so low i didn’t get a single one i feel i’m wasting my fish it’s really getting on my nerves i hope this problem will be solved especially now cuz i want powerful dragons for the light fury event. who else has this problem ?

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You need to be patient. It took me ages to get my first 4* from breeding but it was worth the fish. I’m breeding 2 4* skrills trying for a 5* I feel this will take longer but it’s worth it in the end.


Which level of the Breedery improves 16h 4* with 4* breed time?


I feel you @itami.

Dear Developer Team,
I’ve come to a point where all my teams 3* dragons are maxed and i desperately need more copies of my 4* dragons to improve my team. I think the only way is to breed, breed and breed (besides trying to draw one certain 4* dragon but that would need as much luck as shooting an arrow to the mars and hit the mars robot).

I have been breeding the past 4 weeks and it is getting a bit frustrating. It would be nice and helpful to know the breeding percentages. There must or at least i hope there is a higher percentage for 4* dragons if i breed two 4* dragons of the same kind. But is there really? Unfortunately, there is no proof. So far, i have bred two 4* Gloomleers 4 times now and all i got were 3 x 2* yellow Stormcutters and one 3* red Stormcutter.

Is there a certain reason you guys haven’t implemented these percentages or are you guys working on that?

Greetings and happy breeding everyone.

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Level 3: unlocks 4* breeding
Level 4: Speeds up 4* breeding by 25%


Stage 5 (at Level 31): unlocks 5* breeding