Breeding suggestion for up chance

i have a suggestion for the breeding.

Currently, for have a 4 stars dragons, we need to breed 2 3stars dragons (i take the exemple for 2 same species dragons)
i think the % to have the 4 star dragon are 1.2% and the 3 stars dragon are 5.7% (% to win the dragon with the card).

So my suggestion is to ride the% with the dragons on breeding: we can earn 1% chance of having the 4 star Dragon and 1% chance of having 3 star Dragon per max level on the dragons in breeding.

example: Dragon 3 * (LVL 1 on the first *) = > + 0%
Dragon 3 * (max LVL on the first *) = > + 1%
Dragon 3 * (max LVL on the second *) = > + 2%
Dragon 3 * (max LVL on the last *) = > + 3%

so when we raise 2 dragons 3 * LVL Max, we can win 6% chance to have the Dragon 4 * (total 7%, not too high) and 11.7% to have 3 * Dragon.

We need time and resources to increase the Dragons at the level Max. the chance of having the Dragons remains low anyway.

same% to have 5 * Dragons (< 1%)
Max LVL with 2 dragons 4 * (+ 8%)

What do you think about this suggestion

I don’t think they gonna do anything like this.

I like the idea.

You kinda lost me… or those words and numbers with those tricky percentages… went right over my head… but what I did get out of it was pretty good! I’m not joking or mocking just got kinda confused. I hope the peps who look at this suggestion find they way you put it insightful because they are the ones who matter