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Breeding Toothless and the Lightfury

Hi there I think that it would be really cool to be able to get the Night Light babies in Titan Uprising by being able to breed both Toothless and the Lightfury :blush:

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I call them shadow furrys

Yes I think this would be an good idea I believe I brought this up in a previous topic but maybe you could breed them to get night lights as you suggested but also maybe if you could could the night lights toothless and the lightfurry all be different colors so you could have them all effectively on a team


As it was explained - this won’t happen, because these are event dragons. And since people don’t need more than 3 copies - within a year mostly everyone will have the maxed uglies and what would be the point of breeding them?
Now, as for a possible offspring that is a more powerful hybrid? Yes, indeed that could work, but think about it - the chance to get a 4-star dragon is about 1%, 3-star hybrid is about the same. 4-star hybrid or 5s is less than 1% and god knows only how hard are 5s hybrids.
Now what odds would you have for these two? Assuming that their hybrid progeny would likely be superior and even more sought-after, thus probably being 0.5%> chance of success from a 24-hour breeding of 2 5-star dragons - what would the other 99.5% chance be? Fish? Egg shells?

If anything comes from these two being busy - I have a feeling it won’t happen through exact breeding. It would involve breeding, but be more like a …training. Like a 6-star training. Would take those two(but doesn’t consume them), some 5x 3star purple scales, 5x 3star blue scales, some 250k fish\gold, 1000 runes(or more) and last a week. That could probably work.

When you referenced, “Maxed Uglies”, who was that referring to?

And what do you think about 1,2,3,4 and 5* Fury offsprings?

He was referring to Toothless and the still nameless Light Fury he’s “married”.

I, for one, want them to be able to breed. I do want the Nightlights, even if they’re going to be babies forever. :upside_down_face:

Now then, I think @Wirxaw’s thoughts on this went a little over the top, but… Collecting eggshells might not be so bad an idea. We could add shed scales to the mix. Just a thought.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the Night Lights also end up as special event trust dragons. Maybe it could be easier to obtain them if you already have their parents or something?

I wouldn’t either…

Perhaps it would help, perhaps not. Has it ever helped having the original in getting the copy for any trust event dragon? Nope.