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Maybe I’m just an idiot or missing something…but I don’t see an option anywhere for breeding. Can someone tell me how to do this?

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You unlock it as you level up. I forgot what level you get it at, you can check it on the wiki

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The wiki says it unlocks at level 11, Im level 15. :grimacing:

Nevermind, a different wiki says level 16. Thanks for your help! :slight_smile:

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Which wiki were you using? This is the one you should be using (which it seems you got to in the end ^-^):

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Yes I think it is level 16

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Yep. It is.

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In regards to the wiki stats, perhaps it should be added that the first upgrade (level 2) of breedery becomes available at level 21, reduces 3*3 time, and costs 60K coins. I recall something like that because I did this upgrade very very recently. Like, not even a week passed recently.

** 40K, sorry. It was a hatchery upgrade that cost me 60K.

That seems a little odd. Why would there be a time reduction in 3* breeding time before a reduction in 2*? Unfortunately, I’m not willing to change the information unless I have hard evidence, which would be a screenshot of the upgrade. Sorry. Memory is something that can undergo remarkable change based on circumstances.

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I don’t know but that’s what they did. Perhaps it’s 'cause 2*2 breeding doesn’t take quite as long as 3x3, 3x4, and 4x4? Whatever the case, the reduction was close to an hour less time.

Then the next upgrade made 3*4 breeding available to me, and I can finally breed my Axewing, but… the process takes 10h. And loads of fish. I’m looking forward to next upgrade, which is 2 levels ahead now.

What I said was true, however, at least as far as my account is concerned, but I hadn’t thought I would need to keep screenshots so I didn’t, and thus, if you want pictures, I’m afraid you’ll have to ask someone who is now on level 21 with the hatchery level 2 upgrade unlocked to take that screenshot.

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I can only collect “hard evidence” for my next upgrade, on level 26.

Huh. Yeah, odd indeed.

Eh, I find that the breeding outcome is much much odder.

That is incorrect, breed time reduction for 3* dragons unlocks at Breedery level 6 which needs player level 35.

Also there’s no Breedery upgrade at level 21, perhaps you’re confusing your building upgrades.

Perhaps… Or perhaps my account was bugged and unlocked it at the wrong time, or you don’t remember because you’re too far ahead to. But I passed this level last week, and that’s not enough of a time to forget everything. It was on level 21 I did hatchery level 2, and on level 23 I did hatchery level 3. Compared to me, you’re farther ahead to be able to prove it wrong or right.

I had indeed confused something, but that was the cost of the upgrade itself, and that was because I did a lot of upgrades in a sequence these days.

Now if it was supposed to be a 2* upgrade and I remember otherwise, what can I say, my bad. I seem to recall breeding time reducing, though, for my 3* dragons. Your evidence however suggests that 3x3 time reduction happens with the hatchery level 6 upgrade, which is available on level 35. That means that 1) either the level 2 upgrade was about 2x2 time reduction and I confused it, or 2) the level 2 upgrade was about 2x2 time reduction but the wrong text appeared. Unfortunately, I didn’t document the upgrades so it is no longer available for me to check. Only thing we can do, I guess, is compare 3x3 breeding time. If we have the same breeding time, then you’re right after all.

One thing, though; how is it possible that a reduction of the breeding time for a 3x3 match comes long after 3x4 and 4x4 breeding matches became available?

The 2nd upgrade to breedery reduces the breegin time of uncommon dragons by 10% and happens at lvl 19 (i can provide a screenshot if you want)

Okay, if you’re sure… It wouldn’t hurt to see the screenshot either.

Uh, so, it seems leaving the upgrades for later and doing lots of them in ~4 days, without keeping any tabs (screenshots, notes, etc.), isn’t the best of ideas… Sigh.

And it also seems I’ve been confusing 2x3 breeding time with 3x3 in my memory. Sorry guys.

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Okay, then; we have it confirmed. If it’s possible, can you repost when it’s available for you, to see if the cost I mentioned (40K) is right or it’s something else, for @LightFury to update the wiki data?