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Brett O Hara

According to Lovelink’s FB page he is coming soon

Who knows when “soon” really is? I’m still waiting for the glitches to be fixed

Do we know if there will be 2 versions, like some of the other characters?


Do you mean a counterpart? Most likely

It looks like it might be Susan Sheridan

Yeah, I just had Susan Sheridan as an option, but am waiting for Bret.


Same. I tried to match with Brett earlier but he wasn’t available yet and now he hasn’t shown up again :disappointed:

I know :joy: I was keeping Cain on top for when he’s available, and now I’m gonna have to go through all these unnecessary matches just to find Brett, and then again to have Cain back on top :sweat_smile:

But, he’ll cycle through, don’t worry :blush: This game has really helped me with my patience in some aspects, that’s for sure!

I’m so impatient and everyone else is offline for a while so I’m bored :sob:

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I’ll be waiting to match with Susan knowing she’s an option and my first choice is always the female character

That’s cool :slight_smile: I’m more interested in the male characters

3 swipes in and Brett was there, so hopefully it’s just as quick for you!


Nope. I’ve gotten literally everyone else except Brett. I’ve been trying since early yesterday :disappointed:

Still waiting for Brett to cycle through. I’ve seen literally every one else but him

I’ve had both cycle through and couldnt match with either

I’m getting frustrated with this game :anger: :disappointed:

I’ve had Susan come up a second time and still no Brett :angry: :anger:

I tried to match with Brett since when he had yellow frames indicating he was available but no match, then I spent over 900gems going through profiles trying to get to him again and nothing. Been trying since he became available aaarrgghhh

Oh, no :scream: don’t spend your gems on that bit – save it for the pic reveals, chat options, and dates. The matches will cycle through. It’s just very random.

I’m starting to think they’re VIP matches at the moment. Unless someone non-VIP can confirm they’ve matched with either :woman_shrugging:

Yeah lol I learned from that mistake… I was really saving the gems for when my fav boys come back but I had a moment of weakness after my 9mo son woke me up at 3am :laughing:

That VIP thing would suuuuuuck