Brilliant new matchmaking

Not sure what they changed, but matchmaking is even more screwed up than ever. Won 4 in a row for my daily incubator. Now I’ve gone 0-11 since then, facing L30 super boosted OP monsters. (Thor is still the most ridiculous thing ever) I’m going to stop battling for a while and see if something resets. I swear, it seems as soon as I get close to my “high score” I come up against these teams until I’m smacked back down. Then repeat. Battle up to almost my top score and BAM the all L30 teams show up.

Stupid as ever.

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Yeah, it’s not better at all lol

It’s sad that the community in general can see that the matchmaking system is broken but there seems to be no acknowledgment from ludia.

I am more than willing to concede I was beaten fair and square if that was the case… I’m not a rage quit type of player in anyway. But when you are around 2500 trophies, no legendaries at all, average team level of 18 and none maxed out… Then get matched with lvl 20 indominus with full boost, then it becomes ridiculous to the point that there is no fun to be had.

it is a shame to see such mishandling of a franchise that was built purely to bring magic and fun to the masses by Mr Spielberg.

I even grudgingly paid for VIP to see if this could help me advance any faster… But the VIP system is atrocious. When you consider the additional content you get from a game like world of warcraft for the same subscription fee… What are we really paying for. A one off incubator and the privelage of having access to more items in the store we can throw real money at? I have played many games in my years… Never one so imbalanced and badly managed as this. Shame…

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As I’ve said in another thread - I’m not sure there is a solution to unbalanced teams with over powered monsters whatever matchmaking algorithm you use - it is just a stalement based on what team gets picked - they get their monsters they win, they don’t get their monsters you win.

Right now I’m up for nerfing Thor and Draco so hard that even Monomimus goes “ouch”.

Edit: sorry, just realised this is an old thread