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Bring back 9 tries for epics!

It’s more a feedback than a suggestion.
Why do we have only 6 shots now for the epic event dinosaur? That’s 1/3 less than before.
It’s incredibly time consuming to get dna for creating new creatures and now you made it even worse?

Buying the dna is no option for me and will never be as long as it is this expensive.
Sorry, but for the money that only one single incubator costs, I can buy a full, awesome PC game.
And we talk about a smartphone game, that has no other content than grinding and fighting…

I don’t expect a free game, because your jobs also have to be paid, but the prices are a joke.
I would also accept more ads, if it would help to make it less pay2win.

Please don’t make it harder than it is to get dna. Bring back the 9 tries for epics

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there is 3 tries per epic, 9 per common, and 6 per rare, and 1 per unique or legendary although sometimes there is only 1 no matter the amount of creatures when it comes to the uniques and legendaries. The reason their are less because there are only 2 epics featured this time

6 tries is also a lot because for higher players, thats an easy 1200 to 1500 dna


True I also really want them to add it back

Im pretty sure we still get 9 on the wks there isnt a special dino on sundays. Like if theres no chance at a unique or legendary then I think its still 9 at the epics.

@Colin is right, it’s all based on the number of dinos.

9 x # of commons
6 x # of rares
3 x # of epics

Since it was just Bary and Sino: 3 x 2

Similarly, this week there will only be 6 attempts between Rexy and Arco.


Do Uniques break this rule? Will we get 2 chances on Tryko or Thor?

uniques and legendaries are special cases. it really depends on if Ludia wants to give us multiple attempts for the rarity or not. the past few have been 1 attempt between 2-3 dinos, but i’ve seen 2-3 attempts between 2 uniques before as well as 5+ attempts on 8+ legendaries.

It would be nice if Ludia could show that info on the calandar. good news is, i’ve heard from the mods and they are working on a solution to show that info and have it be clear enough for the players.


Yup, as Qiew said it’s situational. USUALLY it’s just one per, but then also it’s usually one unique/legendary at a time. My guess is that it’s going to be one attempt, you have to pick one or the other, but that’s just a hunch.