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Bring back cheap darts

Without the cheap coin darts, there is almost no reason to use the 3 hour scents. You cannot ever go after even half of the dinosaurs without running out of darts constantly, and unless you are willing to pay for cash you cannot keep up.

Plus, paying 100 cash for 350 darts is such a bad deal.


click the supply drops. they give supplies. like darts. Does no one remember this game before Covid?


Supply drops don’t renew fast enough to get the needed darts for the three hour incubators. I have 10 around me, and i would buy cheep coin darts before using the three hour one, and would have a loss nearly a thousand darts by the time i was done.


Do you mean scents?

Well one thing that would have helped you is you should have stockpiled up on all of darts while you could because if you did you would have had around over like I think 100,000+ or more like 150,000+.


I think he means the 350 dart package that costs 100 coins at the bottom of the shop page

He said 3 hour incs and I think he meant giga scents

Nah he said he would use a giga scent and when he would use them he would also get the 350 dart package that only costs 100 coins and the main point he is trying to make is that the 350 dart package is gone from the shop and he wants it back in so he can use them with the giga scent.

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Indeed, i was planning on getting them again, as i only got them once very few months. Mostly when i was planning on using the giga scents.

yeah my bad.

Yes, but i only did that when planning on using the giga scent, which i normally used after an update.

You knew this wasn’t a permanent sale… Why not stack up? Got over 350k darts, enough for 1 or 2 years


Because it never seemed to vanish for the longest time, and when Giga scents came out, and it continued to remain i figured it would stay.

Which is why i am asking to get it back.

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Also Covid may have disappeared in some parts of the world but hey… you know what Ludia? There’s more continents around where things aren’t looking that good yet. Awesome you consider 2 continents mostly in events as well as Covid measures and the rest is just… bonus for you I guess???


I agree bring back the dart sales, also covid crisis has gotten worse in many places as well, I can’t continuously go out to collect darts


This sucks! Ain’t gonna do a giga with 140 darts.

At least make the limit of darts higher, like 500 darts.

Or if one is VIP higher the limit.

Some of us are adults and have to work for a living and cant go around chasing drops all day.


I can’t be the only one with 200,000 darts right? I really don’t think it should be a thing I have more darts than I’ll ever use plus you still can spin drops for darts


Yea. I’ve got that many to, but the dart sales would help with the achievements for collecting darts

The problem is not not that you can spin. It is the problem that Giga scents bring in to creatures constantly.

You can easy drop a thousand plus darts on one Giga Scent, and even with ten supply drops about, unless i am spinning prefect 10s on darts, and 23 on the bonus drops, i cannot keep up with the darts that i would use. Remember it is 2 creatures every three minutes, so 12 creatures every 15 minutes at 10 darts a creature or more. That is a 150 darts pre 15 minutes.

Ten supply drops is only a 100-120 darts pre 15 minutes.

You can also get a considerable amount of darts during all this time
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