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Bring back shattering rampage!

Indoraptor and indoraptor Gen 2 were hard enough to make and now without the defense shattering they are just barely usable ugghh!!!


I agree Indo needs it, but Indo G2 can bite the dust, I tell you it is still very formidable due to its CS not getting nerfed


I already knew Indo Gen 2 was going to get nerfed. Everyone knew that. But I have no idea why they decided to change Indo Gen 1. It wasn’t OP at all


they probably decided that it needs to fall closer in line to a cunning speedster and gave it a clear weakness to shields so that tanks can take it on.


Cautious Strike actually did get nerfed. The speed up is know only one turn so i theory it could regain DSR


True indo Gen 2 was op but now ardentis has its number almost everytime and anything with shields has a better then average advantage

Oh no, CS is just child play to me

yay. another secret nerf.

Cautious strike got nerfed hard. Resilient moves literally take away everything about it. Evasion removed, speed boost gone, and distraction cleansed. It’s really bad considering all the best creatures have resilient moves


Back in my old post, I was referring to the move itself as not being nerfed. But as @th3bub14 stated it was, I just didnt know at the time