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Bring back spawns

Tenonto back to l2 and anky back to l4…the spawnmechanic is getting more and more bad from update to update…


Well, it’s awesome for me, I see around 5 Brachiosaurus a day! Though I wish Giraffitian showed up more often than every 3 months…


Scaphognathus is in l1.
I’m fine with spawns at the moment.

L1 is still good but moving tenonto to park is s…u…x…

Honestly, which dinos spawn where is not my concern although might need a reconsideration. What disturbs me is that the locations are not rotated biweekly/monthly! This is terrible. I live in local1 and I am fed up with seeing majungas and irritator2s everywhere for the last 5months! Ourano/draco1-2/pyro which are the ingredients for the best endgame dinos (based on the recent metahub article) are all in local2! How is this fair? Those who live in local2 had their time to farm their dna but isnt it time to rotate it already??? This would be easily the biggest balance to the game so far…

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I live in l2 and work in l1 but i more like l1 now without tenonto is l2 bad

The only good thing on l2 is ourano since utarinex got nerfed and normal Dracorex isn’t spawning much since 1.6

If I would have been in L2 for 5months, I would feel the same probably. That is why I said that my problem is rather the lack of rotation;)

Saying l2 is bad doesnt show the proper appreciation that the l2 isnt a l4.
Losing tenonto hurt for sure but it is home to two tyrant hybrids epic wise. So quality of epic spawns its still really good.

But with ankylo in parks I won’t a rotation coz l4 is now the biggest trash

Pyro… magna is good now.

But pyro is very rare I m an activ player a very active player and pyro spawns allmost never

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They should deleat park spawns from game, make a fair local spawnmechanic and let them rotate

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So is kentro… and even when it does spawn its not like the dna is gonna go anyway with anky in jail known as prison.

I was talking to support why they make tenonto and ankylo to park…they said that everyone have a chance to get them but this is trash coz there are not really a lot parks…

Oh i ageee witb this… just was saying l2 isnt that bad… might be worse then l3 now. But atleast it still has 2 good epics.

Ya but the two epic for dilocheirious and monostego is awesome but that was it the rest is trash now

Yeah that nonsense the park spawn tables are so dilluted you can never get what you want to spawn.

For anky to spawn in a park it has to compete with 8 other epic spawns 5 park 3 global.
For erlik to spawn it has to compete with 2 l3 and 3 global.

They moved anyk to parks cause there flooding us with rex dna everyday and needed something to keep tryko in check

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I live in L4 (diplocaulus local irritator gen2).

I’m thinking of leveling diplocaulus up to level 30.

But to many ppl have tykro that will make ppl mad that not have tykro…and with moving good dinos to park it makes using scents worthless (I used a lot rare scents but now in l2 you don’t need to use rare scents 2-3 per day that’s hardcash you don’t need to buy now)