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Bring back the Lords

Probably one of the most challenging AI features to ever hit this game was the April fool’s joke. I would like to see more of this. Arena bots could be a fun way to spice things up. Offer Lord or boss battles as part of the bot battles. The possibilities are endless. With known creatures or possible new additions. Even tweaking in moveset and extended hp could add more challenges. Something for the future. I know there are more pressing matters. Just trying to stay positive and add more variety


Yeah! Let’s do this @Ludia_Developers @Jorge

Since it’s Jurassic Park event … Lord Trex will be appropriate. Tier 10 all + new moveset , immune , extended debilitating distraction + trade mark DSR but definite this time and instant Rampage


Lord Lythronax would be fun if you could challenge it at any point. Not sure I agree with giving it teammates, though… The whole point of it was that it could solo entire teams if you’re unprepared. Giving it teammates would likely make the battle impossible. Or am I misunderstanding the part about discovered creatures?


Just one I think would be enough lol. But a variety of different Lord’s to battle as well. We all grow accustomed to the moveset of every creature. So anything to throw that off would be fun. I really did like the challenge. And would be open to doing it again with other creatures.


Would love to see alliance challenge missions where, just as an example, your alliance would work cooperatively to take down a massive boss 1m hp perhapes. Youd have 12 hours to overcome it for a reward. Lord Lythronax was challenging and fun and yes, more of these types of variations would be invigorating


I like that idea too! Would definitely make the alliance strategize a plan to defeat it. Great idea


Yeah a big boss dino that your alliance would have to chip away at, love it lol.


Defeating lords and getting rewards from it is better than just doing the things you always do and wait untill it’s enough for alliance incubators.
With the lords you can also get different dino’s.
For example: If you defeat a lord carnotaurus you get carnotaurus dna, and If you defeat a
lord koolasuchus you get koolasuchus dna


…Lord Thor

I also think that Lord Lythronax was a great, fun addition to the Game. We need more eventa like this


Oh my gosh yes more mutants of the unassuming variety as jokes. A massive terrifying Diplo would be amazing

Especially if they were raid bosses

Let’s have Lord Raptor to slay by frustrated JWA Warriors!


I like this idea. I thought the April Fool’s Day event was hilarious, especially the Lord Lythronax scent. Twenty minutes of only Lythronax. So funny.

But as for a collaborative takedown, well…

…we might not ever see this in JWA, because Niantic applied for a patent on raids.
Here’s a Google Patents link if you want an easier read. This is just application language, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s granted in substantially the same form. And since it’s only an application, Niantic can’t exactly license it (if they even wanted to), and that leaves Ludia with the decision: take the risk and build it to monetize now, knowing that even a fast-track is a year out; or, don’t build into a reasonably well known risk? I’d take the latter, were I in their shoes. They’ve darn near EOLed this game with 1.7 anyway.

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We need the Lords!


Oh god that is nearly unstoppable… maybe completely unstoppable.

Ascending from the darkest depths of the underworld, Lord Thor is here to crush everyone’s hopes and dreams!image

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I will never forget that day, got so lucky the first try that I bought some lotto tickets on the way home :wink:


I definately do miss the threads with others helping others strategize and the actual challenge.

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the best jwa event day for me. all that lythronax was very fun, i laughed all day, lol.

and the lord… everybody liked that. today, with boosts, would be easier of course.