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Bring in an option to reduce dino levels

Ludia, I can understand you nerfing some dinos because a few people moan online about it being over powered. But if you are going to nerf dinos that people spend there coins on and effectively make them useless. You should give players the opportunity to reduce the levels of those dinos if only to get a percentage of those coins back like you do with boosts. It would be fairer. One of the arguments I hear online and on discord is about nerfing the likes of mono to help out the lower arenas. But with the likes of mono, newer and longer players could have invested alot of time and coins into these dinos. And with one swoop you destroy months of building. Making players like myself look at the game and think what’s the point of investing time and effort into dinos, to have them destroyed in one singular update. And hence having players around the world look at leaving the game because of biased nerf.


What exactly is a “biased nerf”?

Small portion complained for instance about the mono nerf, mainly alot of elitist players who see it as over powered and too easy to get. And didn’t like it beating some of their unique. Hence the uproar about it. That’s my opinion anyway. I know others will have theirs

Mono should be nerfed. If you want to categorize me as an “elite player” so be it. Nothing that easy to make should be that OP, same as when they nerfed the Xmas Chicken.

For what it’s worth, I enjoy when someone brings in their overboosted Mono or Magna, I enjoy destroying them


There is a long standing thought process in this game and that is don’t invest too heavily is something that’s obviously not going to remain unchanged. People still will because you can get a lot of wins before something gets knocked down. Ultimately it’s always a buyer beware situation when leveling and any none endgame dino will eventually be a waste of resources.

It’s newer players who are most screwed over by Monolo since by the time you have Uniques and alot of legendaries Monolos power even when boosted drops off due to counters existing. The issue is that you can get monolo when most people you’re fighting are still using Epics and when you throw boosts ontop of that it’s a nightmare to deal with, it’s ease of access also allows people to overlevel it for their current arena.
Changing it’s Rampage to an Impact might be too much but the resistance changes are completely justified.

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Not an elitist player by a mile. But something made from 2 commons should not make other creatures that are harder to create not worth using. Things that shouldve countered monolo just outright couldnt compete with even a 1 level difference in monolo’s favor.

Is it over nerfed? Definitely. Its damage output didnt need to suffer. But the amount of resistances it had made countering it increasingly difficult and your pretty much be 1 dinos down.


As people of your “kind” said to us when thor 1.7 wrecked my team by saying:
“learn to counter it”
I will tell you:
Learn to play differently and adapt :slight_smile:

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That is part of my issue. I agree that mono is, although for not much longer, a strong dino. Players in your position who can take out boosted monos is great for you. But if you can take them out easily, why beat the nerfing drum. As surely it has no effect on your gameplay, unless it’s just out of spite. It helps out alot of lower players. Someone could turn around and say after this that tenotorex is op when boosted, but cause its harder to get we shouldn’t touch it because it’s part of your team. And we can’t touch the higher players dinos. Just seems unfair.

I accept it’s happening, seen it happen with other dinos in the past and doesn’t suprise me that they’ve done it as its what the game developer does. This post was more about giving players the opportunity to reinvest their coins. Like ludia gives players the opportunity to reinvest there boosts at a reduced rate. Or when they feel like it throw in a boost shuffle.

Having an option to lower dinos levels would help the lower players out who have invested coin and time into dinos that suddenly become useless to them

I can agree maybe on reducing one of the attacks. But to reduce and attack, and speed resistance down and reduced damage resistance. Maybe one or 2 changes. But they have effectively nuked it. Which is fine, but give players an opportunity to reinvest their coins.

I don’t know where you’re getting this idea that Monolo helped lower level players, it’s sole purpose was to wipe them in battles. I’d argue infact it was a MASSIVE detriment even to those who used them since it would inflate your trophy count and get you destroyed when you eventually reached players who could deal with it since the Monolo players team would struggle to keep up power wise.

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If people spend all their resources in a certain creature (coins in this case), and it gets nerfed, they walked right into it. But if people progress all 8 creatures at the same or similar rate, having one of the creatures nerfed isn’t actually that big. If you’re the first type, I don’t feel sorry because its your choice to spend the resources like that. If you’re the second one, well I hope you find a good replacement for it


It helped lower level as it was more accessible. Help people not just in arenas but some towers. People.who think it was over powered for a creature made from commons…then what about draco. Same principle. Swap in can take off massive amount of health from unique and even apex. But no one is beating that drum

Honestly, if draco lost its ability to cleanse pin, I think it would be in a better place.

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I tried to keep a balanced team. But people want to progress in arena’s so having a dino to help with that brings a bit of pleasure. I see more people in support of this nerf being from.the higher arenas compared to the lower ones. Granted don’t invest in one singular dino, same could be said for boosts. Don’t let people get boost back then…if you invest all your boosts in one dino. You make your bed and lie in it. Don’t allow people to reboost dinos. Or would that not be fair as that would then apply to you?

Agreed. I think draco needs nerfing. But if it did I think people should be able to reinvest their coins. That’s what this post is about. Not the specifics of nerfing dinos. I have said…I get that although I don’t like it. But if people can redistribute boosts. Why not coins

You’ll see near endless complaints about how Draco is making the game less fun on these forums, and monolo only “helped” those who used it in Arenas. For those who didn’t use it you had to deal with Monolos completely wiping your team because of how much boosts empowered it (due to resistances) and how easy it was to overlevel

Monolo is still going to be useful for lower level players to have, it just won’t oppress them aswell anymore. If you want Endgame low rarity animals there’s Thyla and Suchotator, both of which don’t recieve many complaints because they don’t completely oppress low level players.

Ludia doesnt see it that way unfortunately. Coin sales are lucrative and generate a lot of income. If people were able to get back all the coin the spent on a creature to use on something else those coin sales almost completely dry up.

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I actually have mentioned a few times on here that I don’t think DC should have a cleansing move, mainly because it’s a fierce with good attack. A few other people have said the same thing, so yeah, people have asked for nerfs there.

I see your view on the nerfs and what you consider good dinos. But genuine question which you have not addressed but skated over like a politician…do you think people should be able to redistribute their coins like they can their boosts