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Bring Tank Meta back!

Hey Ludia

Please, please. Please somehow bring the tank meta back. I would love to see something like a metal shield or something implemented to take down all the Thor, Magna and Draco meta at the moment.

Think 1xinsta metal shield -
If used when a shield breaker move is to work - defends attack and stuns opponent.

If stigydarex had a swap in instametalshield. It would become so competitive. And it can keep its terible move set.

No need to nerf - just upgrade the gemititan and Stygidarex.

P.S rethink Stygi completely. The best use for a swap in shield is to stop the cloak damage of Indom and erlidom… and yet it has no moves to hurt them :disappointed:


For moment,its just a boosted chomper meta
I don’t think you will see tanks relevants in the futur because ludia can’t balance properly a game and they just will be useful as majundasuchus later


The tank meta wasn’t actually that fun. But I agree a good unique tank is needed.

Yes bring it back and then my Stgydaryx will be a beast in the arena. If the tank meta comes back, daryx will only need a tiny kit change

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Ha ha ha. You say that like it’s not useful

I know that it is boosted like no tommorow, but I wrecked my team. Don’t compare tanks to Majundasuchus. It scares me


I found it so much fun. It’s better than this shield breaker and cloak meta.

Is Trykosaurus considered a chomper or tank? :thinking:

However, I would love to use more Sauropods on my team. I just have to find a way to use them successfully. :sweat:


They need to give us an immune Unique Sauropod with a boat load of hit points and distraction to counter the Thors an other big biters and bleeders.

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We need an “invincibility” that actually is. Something to throw up the DSR cannot break. Instant distraction is not the same thing.

Something to throw up before the rat pops in. Something before any attack that will not leave damage.

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Tank wise I have a +6000 hp Stegodeus that can take a couple few hits depending on who I’m up against and Stegoceratops with +5000 hp and Tryco with only +4000 hp. I have as an extra for use an Einiasuchus with 3760 hp, no boosts and close to leveling to 26 and with added health boosts can get it into the +4000 hp.

A good contender for this would be a unique using Ardontosaurus, that I’d love to see.


Just bring back the old steggod! As a unique haha

Old stegod wouldnt fair any better in this current meta then new stegod did… he only reigned supreme cause there just werent to many viable chompers at that point…

Old stegod still gets wrecked by tenotorex, thor, tryo

lots of people still use stegod. not sure why as he doesnt have a place any more RIP. he was a God for so long

i enjoyed the tank meta cos a game lasted longer than 8 seconds haha

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Truth! That’s why I liked it. There was more strategy involved. Instead of all the luck from cloaking. Or all the 1 hit k.os from thor

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The problem is that Ludia passed out defense shattering rampage like it was candy to Legendaries and Uniques. The only way to counter this move is to dodge or distract. Sadly when you do that the other player usually uses it to build momentum.

Shield dinos, the relative of tanks, found themself nearly useless until Erlidominus became popular. Even then only a few people will bother with an Alankylosarus when adding another chomper who can take a rampage tends to work better for all situations.

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I like the idea, maybe have a passive like this -

“Glancing Blows”
Passive - All armour piercing abilities against you instead are reduced by armour!

This passive would force the enemy armour piercing ability to instead be lowered by armour. Maybe only have this on dinosaurs with at least 30%+ armour so that other dinosaurs that have a little armour still take armour piercing damage, as there would be no reason for armour piercing if they all had glancing.
Something like Stegodeus and And Nodopatotitan would make good candidates!

Or in the case of rat

Passive - You will avoid all swap in attacks

This would stop swap in attacks being abused, but as it would only stop attacks, things like swap in null and swap in distraction would still affect it.

Tryko is a chomping tank that’s for sure lol.

I also would love to see more sauropod in arena, actually I boosted my Nodopatotitan today and placed it on my team, it can counter things like Erlidom, Utahsino and even Indominus pretty well!
With all it’s shields, armour and slows it can do some damage if given the chance!

Trouble is rat and Thor are everywhere, and if they bring them out bye bye long neck!


Make shields useful again