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Bring the old matchmaking system back

Let the whiners suck it up. This current system is totally terrible.


Super awesome… me, and my recent opponents. Super fair.

What whiners? Nobody is in favor of this ridiculous matchmaking

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The whiners that complained about arena droppers and got this new system put in place. We need to just go back to trophy amount matchmaking.

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Exactly!!! If you win you should take 20 trophies, if you lose you should lose 25 trophies maximum! This should be the universal file for all players!!! Nothing more… Alright?

Completely and utterly broken … not just matches but trophies … got totally annilated in the last two matches by vastly superior teams … fair enough, but I lost 50 trophies per match … 100 trophies for two a-whippings … beyond a joke


See this is why its broken your at 4500 playing between 5200-5700

Meanwhile Im at 4750 facing teams between 4600-5000

Im gonna guess you have a few high level dinos to get those kinda matches.

Just checked those teams and they are 5000+ so how does losing to them at 4500 lose trophies at 50 a match???


Levels would be the easiest example… my team avg is like 21.8 so we will say 22.

Most of the teams i play team lvls are around 25.-27

Because of this I dont have to have a winning record to gain trophies. If match making didnt consider level>boosts it would fix it… but right now it totally favors a lower leveled boosted team.


Totally agree. This matchmaking and trophy system kills all fun from arena.


:+1: we agree …

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I’m giving it about another week or so. If I don’t see any indication that they’re working on a fix, this is probably it for me. Not having fun post 1.7, so why bother?

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But even we that complained want it back… better than this BS…

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The arena is unplayable for players with high level uniques stuck around 5000 trophies.

I dropped to just under 5000 trophies during the chaos after 1.7.

Now I just can’t climb.

I’m matched against the same names all the time; top 50 players (which is where I was pre- 1.7). They have similar level Dino teams including the no.2 player right now who is 1630 trophies above me & I played today… and players, like me, who have similar Dino teams and somehow become unranked but should be top 100+.

This morning I won 13 matches in a row and got to 5130… 13 wins in a row should have got me back to ranked at least but no.

Just now I played 4 matches. 3 wins. 1 loss. Net result was -20 trophies.

Feel frustrated I can’t go anywhere, like being stuck in a bog.


Tested something. Put in a team of legendaries at L20-24 rather than L30 uniques.

Sure enough I faced teams with similar level legends and low-level uniques. But because my legends aren’t boosted I lost -30 trophies.

So what do you do to climb up? You’re stuck! Help? I’d love an explanation. Right now it’s like we’re being punished for having worked our :peanuts: off for a year building up high level uniques.

Is it a case of put boosts into the legendaries or expect to stay where we are/slowly fall… forever?


I’ve won matchs today and got 10 trophys per time… I then lose three matchs in a row and lose 50 trophys each time…

How is that fair its making me not want to battle at all.

Are you guys back?

EDIT: Sorry … in my head that was a private message not a forum post…

3 close matches … -120+ trophies … done with boosted A-Team … time to find the B-Team’s level again

You beat me twice in a row this afternoon, I lost 10 trophies each time.