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"Bring your own Timberjack"


Dear Ludia. I may have been a “bit” toxic in my description of the “Bring your own Cloudjumper” quest. Still - fair is fair, that quest was in some ways useful to that 0.1% who need 0.1% more.

But what’s up with this Timebrjack quest? When you first started with these quests and they were called “X Tryout” and “X Drill”, you had a 3-star dragon for the “tryout” part, which still required a non-tutorial assembly of dragons, and was a worthy reward, and you had a 4-star dragon for the “drill” part, which, in case of a Nadder, may not have been all too enticing, but was still a fine legit way of obtaining one.

But enough fo the past, the issue is what you have at present. And what you have is a 2-star reward for the questline that requires either semi-maxed out 2-star team, or a 3-star team. And my point is… Why would anyone do it? Like, the thing costs energy and rewards only fish. Okay, it could be sort of done “for the fish”, the “tryout” part, but a 2-star dragon? That’s a 30 minute breedery thing. A lowest basic token reward. People aren’t supposed to be WORK for that kind of stuff, because it’s… given away.

And if the tryout part could be done for the fish, then who in their right minds would waste energy on the “Drill” part for a THREE STAR dragon? Ludia, to finish this quest, you need FIVE-SIX THOUSAND POWER TEAM. Or less, but with numerous revives as a rune sink.
Okay, in LAYMAN’S TERMS… To finish this quest and get this 3-star dragon, you need AT LEAST a team of MAX OUT PERFECTLY ASSEMBLED 3-STAR DRAGONS. And even that is a long shot.

So the reward for completing this, for all intents and purposes, ENDGAME content - is a …lucky basic draw. Or something you can get every other day in breedery. A dragon that you wouldn’t even reallly use for feeding another dragon, because the XP-%upgrade ratio is too high.

Seriously, I’m done being polite. I’ve tried to defend the game, to appreciate the new content, to tolerate the bugs, to make excuses for rebalancing. But this right here is UNEXCUSABLE. I mean, I assume some white knights will ride in and say “Nobody forces you to do it, if you don’t want to do it - just don’t do it” and other . But here’s a newsflash for you, if I can’t say anything worse - such EXCUSES do NOT solve the problem. You can’t fix the game by ignoring it.

So, by all means, mods, devs, could someone for once enlighten me how is this quest supposed to make sense, let alone be worthwhile? Full disclosure, I wouldn’t sink runes even if it offered Axewing the Second, because the entire Timberjack genus is utterly useless.

How about maybe AT LEAST a Premium Draft? Though, frankly, a single premium draft is worth 400 runes in your casino store. So why would anyone, who is directly interested in it for progression - spend runes on reviving, most likely more than once - when you could save the energy and still get the draft with no effort?

TL;DR: These quests make no sense unless they give actually complete dragons.

I would spend a thousand, nay, TWO thousand runes for revivals if I had a chance to FIGHT for a copy of Tricky Two-heads, a FOUR star dragon. Because it is the dragon that will get you places, it’s worth fighting for.
People have begged for an improvement to breedery, to hatchery, to … anything GAMEPLAY-related since the release. And, honestly, your Clan Alpha fights are not exactly inspiring. A good target dummy DPS test, but the rewards are less than a Hard Duty chest you can get 1-2 of daily.
Introduce gameplay progression, give people better ways to spend their runes. It can’t be all casino.


I agree, the only use of this new quest is to complete the fishing duty. Both final rewards are entirely pretty much useless if you have the ability to beat each level.


Wirxaw, you are spot on. It’s as if the person coming up with these quests is completely clueless.

The Timberjack quest might have made sense if the reward for the first part was a 3-star Timberjack. But, a reward of 2-star Timberjacks is pretty useless.

Also, as you wrote, the second part is equally useless considering that any player that has a strong enough team to win is more than likely not going to care about the prize.


That’s a very extensive and logical review you posted there. You voiced several of my concerns on the event. Now personally I don’t have a problem with the guest dragon (for the “test”) and our dragon (for the “drill”) being the green Timberjack, though I think the “drill” would accept a red one too, because I have both Timberjacks and love to use them, especially the green one. What I have a problem is the dragon power total that’s necessary to be able to stand the chance for even beating the first level in the “drill” event, and, of course, the rewards. As you explained, a 2-star Timberjack for the “tester” and a 3-star Timberjack for the “drill” is too ridiculous a reward. And for me, they really are a matter of breeding as I have two red Timberjacks and I do breed them from time to time - and I usually get purples but that’s besides the point.

Now, as for calling the Timberjack family useless, well, let me tell you I love them because of their counterattack ability, and the ability to hit a dragon and the reflection of the attack hitting another as well. Once you level them up and up, they get really strong.

The green Timberjack, a 4-star dragon, is currently my best team member, though I find myself at sea as to how to get a copy of it to train it for the 3rd star.


Also, in answer to your question, I took part in the event for two reasons; I really needed to gather some more fish, but I also wanted to try it for curiosity’s sake. I did want to do something different, too. Being stuck with a bug in my story quests keep me on the sidelines until they fix my game. These events are sort of a blessing because they give me something to do, and what I earned (fish from the Timberjack “tester”, runes from the Cloudjumper “tester”) are useful for me, though definitely not enough to cover my needs.


P.S. I can’t seem to find your review on yesterday’s Cloudjumper “drill”.


Feather, buddy, I’ve been there. We all started in the same place, and I was about to level Nimble Nadder, because even despite his relative uselessness, at least its damage ticked well and it healed itself, so it could take care of itself early on, and that was important.

And then I saw this Tense Typhonoomerang, and I was curious about Counterattack, I thought it’s oh-so-good, people on Discord had no idea… well, probably still don’t, seeing as last time I was there I was the only one with more or less sensible Counterattack data.
But… I’m sorry to disappoint you, maybe I was blessed with something more than 2-star dragon I would’ve have the naivety period for longer, but… yeah. Single dragon counterattack is a waste. I trained TT to 2 stars blindly before I realized it, and even later didn’t feed it to another dragon just for sentimental purposes.

But the single target CA is so unreliable that you are barely getting ANY damage out of it. Even 5 enemy dragons might not hit that particular dragon over the course of the buff’s duration, and any AoE abilities would only be reflected once, because only one dragon has CA.

Counterattack begins to shine when to transition to 4-star, with dragons like Revenger and Skywarden providing it for… well, everyone but themselves. Really no idea why only blue dragons, Tricky and Skyglow - have full team-wide CA. I have Tricky, a merely 750 Tricky without even a maxed ability… because when I got it - I didn’t know how to level the dragons.
But even this one dragon has taught me all I need to know about Counterattack. And the thing is - in the absolute endgame, in 5-star team setup - even a Mass CA isn’t as valuable as, for example, an accuracy debuff, so having mass CA, let alone ANY CA in an endgame setup - is pointless.

Tricky, by itself, for example, has no damaging ability. So if, for whatever reason, enemies do not attack me during the buff’s duration - Tricky could be less damaging than Anveil. But if I can… or rather - “have to” afford to soak a couple of AoE abilities - each enemy that casts an AoE ability(only direct damage works though, not DoT) - they get countershots from all of my dragons. It can easily be 300-500 damage. Usually soaking more than 2 AoE abilities during 5 turns of CA’s buff is lethal, so assuming two counterattacks and some single hit counterattacks is the maximum - you could at best get like… 600-1000, maybe 750-1250 damage reflected over the course of one mass CA.
In this very specific scenario - CA is useful.

And while your single CA is an extra damage on top of an already existing damaging part of Axewing’s ability - the practical damage of it is too low for the “effect budget”. With 5 dragons, each having 3 effects per ability, your goal is to have as many mass buffs and debuffs, as much budget per-effect as possible. Stacking and synergizing it - can allow you to fight enemies much harder than you. Unfortunately, single target CA just doesn’t “contribute” to such tactical survival.

Oh, snap, just now realized that I mistook Torch for a Timberjack in my first post here, when the whole point of uselessness starts with Driftcleaver.

Like, two 3-star dragons: Fanghook the famous useless glass cannon(well, not so useless for those who don’t have anything better), and Driftcleaver.
Very Fast charging
140% ricochet damage(x2)
36% increased damage taken debuff(on the first target)

Moderate charging
141% ricochet damage
25% increased damage taken debuff(also on the first target only)

So essentially two equally normal dragons, neither is a hybrid, and that 1% of damage is hardly a difference. But Fanghook charges TWICE as fast and his debuff is actually more or less decent, while Driftcleaver is probably the weakest version of the debuff.
Fanghook is only “remotely” useful as a glass canon, or on Clan Alpha fights, and this usefulness comes from his “Very Fast” charging. He can keep the debuff up on an Alpha, or he can quickly charge and “mark” an enemy you want to nuke in a normal combat situation. And even that is just “weak” when compared to even an Obsurdian.

Driftcleaver… is a wasted space, compared to that.

And, for what it’s worth, here’s the CJ post, though it’s much less relevant than this.


Okay, I don’t know how to counterargue this, and I have trouble following you at some points because, for all intents and purposes, I am a newer, less experienced player, hence not so familiar with some terms and dragons. So far I like my 4 star Timberjack and wish I can make it reach its full potential, but you blew my mind with information and advice, and I think I’d rather take your words to heart. And of course, I’ll do my best to get new rare additions to the flock when I can. Thank you for all these specifics. I’m sure they’ll be useful as I progress further in the game. :slight_smile:


** The parts I am not so familiar with are:

  1. the terms: AoE ability, buff, debuff, DoT

  2. the dragons: Revenger, Skywarden, Skyglow (though I might have come across that one in the premiums somewhere, I am not sure)


AoE means area of effect (these are abilities which damage multiple or all dragons)
debuff: any negative kind of effect like armor break, …
DoT: Damage over time (just like it says the foe takes damage over several turns rather than instantly

The dragons
Revenger: 4star Green Dragon (skrill)

  • single target attack
  • all other allies gain counterattack
  • all other allies spirit gain is increased for next 4 turns

Skywarden: 4star yellow dragon (typhoomerang)

  • all other allies generate extra spirit for 3 turns
  • all other allies gain counterattack
  • all allies gain strong hit for 1 turn

The radian skyglow: 5 star blue dragon (typhoomerang

  • all allies take decreased damage
  • all other allies gain spirit
  • all other allies gain counterattack for next 4? turns

Oh, thank you.

Now that you explained, I can definitely recall having seen the dragons, I just didn’t remember their particulars.

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You can always check the Titan Uprising Wiki if you’re unsure about stuff in the game :slight_smile:

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Yeah, I kinda forgot. Thanks.


Thanks to Zhyan, today wasn’t my best day, so couldn’t respond in time.

@Featherwing Don’t bother with wiki, I rarely say that, but in case of this game… no offense to at least ExBerk, but wiki is a waste of time.

I’ve always used Szaddaj’s spreadsheet. The beta player compiled it before release and has since been updating it. For whatever reason - recently the images there don’t want to load, first in Firefox, then in Chrome, but as far as names, tooltips etc goes - that’s the most accessible and useful source of data. Compared to that, wiki, last time I checked, is just a mess.

If any external source is complicated - you can always just carefully navigate around the Premium Draft, click the “!” button on the top right and you’ll have the list of all 3star and above standard dragons. No hybrids, sadly, but at least it’s ingame.

With “sorta-wiki” out, a spreadsheet ready and pretty much of all dragon descriptions in game - I have no idea why can’t Ludia already release the Book of Dragons and make it far easier for people.

As for the terms… when I first wrote my guide, I also tried to avoid standard RPG\MMO terminology. But since I’ve left both Discord and the guide, I’m just tired of writing the silly “damage-over-time” or “mass\area damage”…

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The wiki has some useful information, but until someone opens comms with the developers or we have someone do data mining. The wiki isn’t useful for heavy players. The spreadsheet is better for you to lay down a path you want to go down to maximize your time in the game for breeding and drafting.

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I can’t speak for communication with devs, but I know Lightfury was very busy datamining all he could. My main gripe with wiki is that it’s just a copy-paste of ingame Support(Helpdesk) material and a “much engorged” dragon data taken from the dragon cards. For whatever reason, both Exberk and Lightfury still have this bloody data for every ability level and every dragon level, without any hiding tags.
This isn’t some MMO, you don’t need every dragon page to have like 80% of filled with “stats at every level of a 5-star dragon”. That is - 30+40+50+60+70…250 lines of spreadsheet mostly filled with ???.

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Maybe a raw data mined version, I could see where someone would want to see what they have to look forward to. However, a generalized common folk version would be better public facing.

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Not your best day and yet you still came here with something useful to say. :slight_smile:

Okay, so, I have opened the spreadsheet too, and I kinda agree with you that it’s more helpful for planning. However, the other data that explains how much power up a dragon gets through its next level, well, I kinda am interested in that kind of stuff too, though only when I level up a dragon. So, the spreadsheet is best for long-term planning while the wikia forum is for short-term. That said, it is rather unfortunate that in the spreadsheet photos don’t load (though, yes, I can get the images from inside the game itself), and that in the wikia datas most of the dragon levels are filled with "???"s as you also mentioned in your other comment. I am sure LightFury did all he could, but this page needs more than one people datamining and dataposting. Communication with devs too. I have hope, though, that it may be fixed sometime in the future (well, if the devs do something about the bugs so the game does shut down on a whole), and that it might perhaps become more people-friendly. We’ll see.

Thank you both @Wirxaw and @cybertunnel for your input. I pretty much appreciate the conversation.

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I did find out the images were hosted on a foreign server, which was taken down. If someone has access to the spreadsheet, maybe update with Rarity like Wiki and grab pictures from Wiki


Eh, perhaps someone with enhanced computer knowledge lik you, or someone from the inside could do it, for the nature of the doc prevents to even download it so any moderating like that doesn’t seem possible. However, ludia is working on their own “Book of Dragons” as we all know, and that will make our lives easier once it’s released. Problem is, as @Wirxaw said, for some unknown reason they aren’t done yet. If only.

P.S. I deleted my earlier comments because I found them pointless (and I kinda made an error of forgetting you’ve said you’re a developer in another post, which I wanted to fix).