yes yes, I know Ceratopsians are in some points better now but how whould it be if you don’t experience the pain of swapping Ceras? well let’s find out!! :wink:

in general all Trikes have seen a Buff/Nerf, some people see it as a buff, others as a nerf.
I see it as a Nerf since the Trikes have received Dig In and SI Stunning strike. My own Einiasuachus lost most of her use together with my Sino and Stegocera. I was a fan of Ceras for the strenght but I now swapt most of them out for Rixis and Purrolyth.

I see this as a big loss but how do you experience the “Nerf” of the Trikes??

(This is some dutch and I’d like to see if Google Translate knows what it means: Hallo, ik ben een trotse Nederlander!! pls translate it!! :crossed_fingers:)


It’s hard to compare them to their former selves, since they have completely different roles now. But it would be nice to have at least a few Ceratopsians with their old roles.
Maybe they could add new ones to do what the old ceratopsians did, like Styracosaurus, Pachyrhinosaurus, etc.


good idea,
just scrap the family idea!! Like it!

I could do that for my later creature file. What ceratopsian do you want me to do?

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Abertaceratops please!

Sure thing

Hello, I am a proud Dutchman

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Yes my man that’s true and even better is that we’re allowed to still go outside with the lockdown!!:upside_down_face:

I see it as a nerf. However, they did recieve what, is in my opinion, the best swap-in move in the game (That’s on a creature currently). This move allowed the ceratopsians to be team players now instead of stand-alone brutes. Plus, dig in is a very good move on creatures with a decent amount of hp and armor

But they got a nerf on both health and attack though!

Ok, but Dig in allows them to do a cycle. Sino: strike, stun, dig in, strike, stun, dig in. Sure they lost hp, attack, and speed, but their roles allow them to play the swap-in game, which is crucial. Every tournament has a ceratopsian.


Agreed, but I also haven’t seen a single Nasutoceratops, I went up against one, but have not seen a single one, and the Carbonemys requires it I believe to be Carbotoceratops.

Dig In needs a 1 turn delay or a longer cooldown, if only because of how tedious battles get with it. Don’t get me started with Carbo vs Carbo no it’s immune to vulnerability.

I agree that the whole family movesets needs to go away. It’s not necessary and makes the game a little more boring.

you see nasuto in the rare skill tournament

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Lucky. Where I am we’re only supposed to go out for food and stuff.

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They should have GSI instead of GSS and a bit more HP

I would like a better multiplier or a shorter cooldown on the stunning strikes as Instant charge has a 2 turn cooldown while the rest have 3

LOL!! :rofl:
this made my collapse in my chair of laughter!!

What I thought!