will work for coins!! seriously though… i have to spend $20+ just to be able to level this guy up…

Or…ya know…grind coins for a few days…

meh i still grind. but the point is, the prices are way to high.

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It’s amazing that you had enough DNA from the Nodopatosaurus to take Stegodeus to 26 and Gigaspikaour to 25! Do you have a Nodopatosauro factory? hahahaha

I’m only at level 25 of Stegodeus without having spent a single Nodosauro DNA for Gigaspikasour and much less Nodopatotitan … and instead I’m at the top level of tragodistis and stegoceratops.

I am always surprised by the people who evolve two different lines of the same “rare” and in this case two different lines of the same epic.


I know your pain. Looking forward to the 2 epic strikes this weekend for the extra coin…


its a little tougher now that appato is dusk and dawn. after i get giga to 26 ill focus more on deus. i like having both on the team.

thats the thing… no “grind” will ever be enough lol.


yeah, and then there’s the whole - “where do I invest?” issue. I’ve been sitting on a lot of monomimus dna and galli/monoloph fusions until the next update to see if they add a mono based unique!

Not sure if I want to go with gorgo or ankylocodon next…

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you seem to be in a gold mine for dna. i wish i was so lucky… then again i wouldnt have the coin for it :joy:

I was. I just moved from a city to a small suburb. In the last 24 hours I’ve realized the dino density is about 1/5th of what it was. My game just got a lot harder… plus I have to relearn all the zones!

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nooo!! always make it a point to ask the realtor if the location is good for jwa :joy:


hah… just got 40,50,40 on my death ostrich and it needs to be leveled lol.

Did someone just mentioned the need for coins?


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