Broken Battle or Cheaters?


I’m at level 10 and just came across a player who has lv.16 Indominus Rex, lv.18 Stegoceratops, and lv.17 Gigaspikasaur in his deck. How on earth can I win the battle?


That isn’t that high of levels when you consider that he or she may be spending cash for DNA.


I just got lvl 11 and have also an Stegoceratops with lvl 17, so no big deal and Indominus and Gigaspika are legendaries wich start with lvl 16 after creating. So this is also possible.


So, it will come down to a broken battle system that matched me up with him or her :disappointed_relieved:


If y’all have a similar trophy count then you will get matched.


be happy with yourself, it means that even though you’re not spending money you’re beating people that someone who has all these better dinos is having trouble beating.


You have a similar count of trophies it is not based on the level of your dinos from what I understand. You are in Sorna Marshes and a lot of high-ranked players are dropping out of Jurassic Ruins to get easy wins down there and farm DNA from battle incubators.