Broken capsule 💊

So I activated a large capsule and after the first Dino which was a diplodocus YAY, the timer disappeared and then I was unable to dart them but could dart Dino’s around the area! I have attached photos showing no scent timer and yet there are spawned Dino’s appearing.
Also after about five Dino’s none spawned at all and with a large scent capsule there is supposed to be ten spawned.
image image image image image

That happened once to me so far…it also happened to PokeFodder in a video yesterday 2x…it just started happening cuz it had worked before this

Yep I posted about this yesterday as well. Seems to be another bug

I just wasted a rare scent as well! This is so frustrating!!

Happened twice today 'cause i was reluctant to believe ludia had been damaging 2 working subroutines to bring 1 improvement.

Love how this glitch prob won’t be fixed before 1.8 but they screw up the coins tallying and it gets fixed almost overnight!!!


This needs to be fixed immediately. I’m sitting on 26 Stego scents, that I purchased Ludia, knowing full well that while moving I get two spawns every two minutes, but not with this glitch.

@Ned please please please help

Hey everyone, I’m sorry to hear that you’re having trouble with your Scent items. Our team has already been made aware of the issue and they’re working on a solution. The good news is that this issue appears to be just a visual one (for example, in the screenshots that @Australovenator posted the timer has vanished but dinosaurs still have the visual effect on the ground which indicates that they have appeared due to a Scent being used), but the bad news is that you might need to restart your device after each drone session in order to get the dinosaurs to re-appear.

We have noticed that this issue happens most often when a player has moved quickly from one screen to another, such as from Battle to the Map. We recommend waiting for the map to fully load before using a Scent.

In the meantime, if you have experienced this issue and were not able to see or catch any dinosaurs (other than perhaps the first), reach out to our support team at in order to give us the opportunity to make this up to you and investigate this further. Thanks!

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This is only happening on 1.5.3 as well. Still fine using scents on 1.5.23

Yeah I haven’t updated and they work perfectly fine for me in 1.5.23

Thats why i never download new apks or immediately update when theyre relased. Not just this game. Any game or app tbh