Broken cloak for indominus?


Ok either I’m unlucky and the people I’ve fought against r unlucky or the move cloak is broken… every time i use cloak on indominus it fails and the people who I’ve fought against used cloak and it failed. This happened all day today i don’t know when it started but today Is the first I’m seeing this problem. I’ve used it a lot today also… i know it’s 50/50 chance but the amount of times i used it and the enemy used it and it failed is too high to be random.


I used cloaking 5 times today, 1 unsuccessful, the other 4 it worked.


Ok I’ll keep trying lol… i was so confused even when the guys i was against failed every time like i was also.


Really depends on who you are fighting. If PvP then your chances are 50/50. However if it is PvLudia, your chances are nil and Ludia’s chances are 100%.