Broken difficulty and help pls

There is a bug that even if you’re creatures are weak you face very hard opponents and this started in Level 27 hmm Ludia thinks that we could use Omega in events but nope you can only use Omega 09 in the Events and I am fighting a Level 40 Archantostega, Level 18 Stigymoloch and Level 33 Eryops

My best creatures

Carnivores: Lvl 40 T rex
Herbivores: Lvl 40 Labyrinthosaurus
Amphibians: Lvl 30 Postosuchus
Pterosaurs: Lvl 20 Tropeogopterus

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I am almost certain the Ludia does not think this. What is the event that you are playing?


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How did you get a level 40 T. rex by level 27? Also wow your highest ferocity is already higher than mine at level 47!

That was when the glitch started, I got T rex to Lvl 40 in Level 59.

But the ferocity jump between all types need to be fixed on your lineup…

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It’s not a glitch, your lineup is just extremely unbalanced.

There is a 1100 ferocity gap between your Trex and Labyrinthosaurus. That’s what is causing your matches to become so hard.

There are plenty of threads that discuss how to make/balance your lineup, utilize those and you’ll be able to get balanced matches again.