Broken drops

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Bug Description:

Stops/drop are broken.
After today’s reset, I can’t check them out with the info bottom and I just get coins out of them.

Area is was found in:

All over the map, but just with the orange stops/drops.

How do you reproduce the bug:
Step 1- You click the drop.
Step 2 - You only get coins and darts, nothing else.
(add more if needed)

How often does it happen:


What type of device are you using:


Anything else? (add screenshots or additional information here)

Anything else? After a nightmarish weekend, it would be good to just go ONE DAY, ONE DAY ONLY, without any issue popping up.
I don’t think we are asking for too much, huh?
Either way, tried restarting and I’ve even reinstalled the game… so there is that.


After they removed the Halloween skins, the normal drops reset their limits, the green drops kept their limits.

No common green drops either today, they kept the exactly same amount of green drops than yesterday with the legendary one, in the same place

Same problem here. Also Android. Informationbutton doesn’t work and hardly getting coins. Less then half of the drops give some coins, the amount of coins is incredibly low. It’s only the orange ones. Restarted the app multiple times and removed+reinstalled the app but problem stays the same. :frowning:

I mostly get only darts… When I get coins, it’s way less than usual :triumph:

I merely added my own observations. I don’t disagree with your points at all. Before the map change @10am est., I had reached all limits for the supply drops and green special event drops. After the map change and supply drop skin change, I was able to collect more coins from the supply drops, but the green drops are still maxed.

When i click the limit info button nothing happens… Another bug, this is becoming the “normal”…

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work as intended koff koff

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A new day, some new bugs … :sleepy:

Have to agree @Ned, the orange drops only seem to be dropping coins and darts. Also, can’t click in the ‘i’ to see how much I’ve collected so it seems like something isn’t right.

I agree to all the above. It took me about 30 drops to realize it wasn’t working so I have a viable sample size.

They seem to be fixed now, and it appears all item limits in orange drops were reset with the map this morning.


Yes, it appears you’re right! Was just able to collect a FIP from one.

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