Broken Game in a nutshell

This player is ranked 81 without one Dino leveled above 27…boosted Draco and Magna…

This is what’s wrong with JWA in a nutshell…


I believe it. How crazy are the boosts? My core team is at about tier 5 on most things.

I’m not surprised to see this at all. I suspect that one of Ludia’s top executives came up with the idea of creating draco and boosts and others at Ludia can’t touch it now! That would explain why they don’t listen to majority of the play base.

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Exactly! That’s the exact type of team I match up against and I have 4,400 trophiees with some boasts so it’s fair.

But I drop 40 trophies with a loss or gain just 20 with a win. Therefore they by losing over 60% of their matches.