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Broken Game

Hi. I’ve got serious issue with the game… My PvP team has been removed and I’m not able to reselect it. I’ve tried everything to make it right but nothing is working😡
I also contacted support but 3 days later and still no reply.
Anyone know what to do?
Thanks for your advice.

tried to reinstall?

format phone?

which smartphone are you using?

log out from app and relogin?

iPhone X and I happened the day after the software update…
I’ve tried everything, even installed the game on the old phone and the problem was still there. I’m really annoyed as I’m not able to play any battles so I can’t do daily challenge. I’m also not able to boost any dino as it says it’s maxed out where it’s not.

Don’t know how to help more.

Seems quite strange this issue or whatever it is. Maybe related to account settings or your profile instead of in-game problem.

Good luck!

Welcome to the forums, @Yaneek! I have sent you a private message regarding this. Thank you.