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Broken heart

I live in zone 3, finding a glowing erliko in the map was very very exciting, it made my heart stop for a little bit, if I had to run to get closer I did because he was hard to find and it may represent I could level up my erlidominus, now the excitement has gone, because the strategic part of the game has gone I don’t see the point of working in my fastest dino if he is going to be outspeed by a thora or a tryko. Speed was its thing, not any more
As other s people a said, I use the daily Mission boost because I want to “ survive” out there , but boosts made the arena full of Lord lythronax now I don’t feel dinos are real anymore, how can a T. rex with a 180 speed be real ? How can a dracoceratops with a 5000 health be countered?
I just cancelled my vip account and I feel sad about it. Because i have to quit the game that I loved , the game that took so many hours from my time studying how to counter other players or trying to figure out the weakness of another dinosaur or just hunting , it doesn’t matter any more; they stole the magic…


As much as I agree. To overcome this issue with speed, we just need to add speed boosts to our speedy creatures.

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Adding speed boosts was a terrible idea to begin with. I like idea of slightly boosting HP/Attack/Armour but never the speed. I think no more than 10% in total is very reasonable.

Well said Cronista. I’m not deleting the game as it still occupies my time during my commute and such. Plus I still have the challenge to Create them all and the graphics are still excellent. Props to the design team at Ludia.


There’s no point in hunting anymore. It’s all about the boosts now.

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But what else am I supposed to do in a car? Actually focus on driving?!


I live in Zone 3 myself, which can be extremely depressing when most of the creatures I see is Diplocaulus all night. So with that being said, I completely understand the excitement of finding an epic like Erlikosaurus.

I understand that many are upset about what is happening to the arenas. I’ll be honest I haven’t played the arenas since the last seasonal tournament. I had a lot of hope that things would get better in the next update. It appears that things didn’t quite turn out that way, but that doesn’t mean I can give up believing that.

There have been many times where I felt my team has hit a wall. I know they can’t compete in Lockwood with all the stat boosted creatures. So I like to think that I am taking a break from the arenas and focusing on the many things I do like about this game.

I still enjoy this game even with all the downsides because I made some new goals for myself. I still get excited about seeing epics and making hybrids. I love knowing that compared to how I first started, I am passing more and more epic strike towers.

Take breaks when you need to, especially when you feel frustrated.

Hang in there.