Broken Kentrosaurus - Instant Cripple


Just encountered a situation where Instant Cripple… Didn’t.
Here are the details so your team can reproduce the issue, and my theory on it:

I just lost a dino to a GorgoSuchus.
I pulled out my Kentrosaurus because the Gorgo was at low health.
I started with the Instant Cripple.
The Gorgo crit me for i think around 1500.

It SHOULD have been less than 100 or less than 150 max.
Please verify that cripple is applied AFTER crits occur in the damage stack.

Please let me know if you need any additional info to troubleshoot.



What level was the hybrid


Maybe gorgo still buffed by ferocious strike


I stopped a kentro’s insta-cripple by using my amargacephalus’ instant invulnerability. The next turn, he wasn’t able to cripple impact, which actually went crit, killing him.


It was a level 16 GorgoSuchus.


I would say it was because he was still buffed.
A buffed level 16 gorgo deals 1500+ damage with DSR after being pounced(non crit)


That’s why it beat you


I also experienced this kind of damage when my sucotator encounters gorgosuco.

Sucotator’s instant cripple can heavly reduce damage of every opponent dino (also pounces cause me just a hundred of dmg lost) but when I face gorgosuco I simply cannot reduce her damage but I am hitted with a thousand dmg lost…


After reading some other comments about this, it appears that the issue is the way that they handle the math.

Here is an example.
If a dino normally does 1000 damage, but is hit with cripple, it should then do (1000 * 10%) or 100 damage.
If that dino gets a 50% damage buff, then it should do (1000 * 150% * 10%) or 150 damage.
This is not happening. Instead it appears that the cripple is being overridden by the 50% increase damage buff or it is adding it in some other odd way.


Yeah, -90% from cripple +50% from ferocious = -40% so the 1000 becomes 600 not the expected 150.


Exactly, the instant cripple against gorgosuco is not affecting all the buffs, but just the basic damage, so maybe this is the reason why my sucotator always receives a thousand damage.

I think the math is like this:

Gorgosuco lev15 basic attack: 813

Previous move gorgosuco used Ferocious strike, buffing 50% of the basic attack, so he gave 1.220 damage on my previous dino, now dead. I use my Sucotator assuming that instant cripple will remove 90% of the total defense shattering rampage, but instant cripple calculation is:

remove 90% of the basic damage: so from 813 to 82
Then, and only then, we need to add 407 from ferocious strike (+50% of the basic attack) and 813 from defense shattering rampage (+100% of the basic attack), for a total of 1.302 damage :scream: