Broken matchmaking making game nearly unplayable after update

Matching is severely broken to the point of unplayable. Nearly every arena game I play in matches with people several levels higher and most of the time when this happens, it selects the weakest dinos in my stack and one are types that are weak to the types I’m paired against.

We have dealt with dinos getting nerfed that some had to pay for to obtain only to buff others that are newer that are impossible to obtain with out paying for. I noticed in another game in your forums that similar issues with matchmaking to the point of unplayable… i truly hope you aren’t using this as a means to have a cash grab and start putting paywalls in the game. The best part of this game is the way it was when it first started. I guess I’ll know what my answer is if my post is hidden like I see many others on this topic have become. Ludia, please fix matchmaking, I love this game and don’t want to quit it because its unplayablity.


Keep playing, after quite a few matches you will get a match timed out error then be matched with players many levels below you that haven’t a chance at winning.
Fun… (Sarcasm)
Stick it out.

I have to agree , twice today I’ve just closed the app because I’ve no chance whatsoever, when Thor’s at level 28-29 with 2200+ damage & out speeding all my dinos take the floor, matchmaking is totally broken.

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What team do you have and where are you?

Aviary with 21 to 23 levels, teno, spyx, erlidom, gem, dioraja, gripo, magna, alloraptor

I’ve seen the same topic on JWtG forum as well indeed. I think Disney just pays more… :woman_shrugging:t3:

Funny apart about that… Disney is pretty strict with how their Ips are handled… some of the stuff Ludia pulls with this ip Disney might not let them get away with.

These are the guys that reigned in EA… EA giving away some free dlc to a game they said they were giving any dlc to in squadrons. Not mention the battlefront stuff.

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