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Broken moves to be added to underpowered dinos

New move for stygidaryx: inescapable Death; bypass immunity, DoT 25% of max hp for 2 turns, lockdown for 3 turns, cannot be cleansed.
Monomimus: permanent distraction; reduce opponents attack by 50% for the rest of the battle, cannot be cleansed, bypass immunity, deal 1x attack
Spinoconstrictor: Constriction; opponents attacks have a 50% to do nothing for 3 turns
Dilophoboa: blindness; reduce opponents attack by 50% for 2 turns, increase opponents chance of attack missing.
Ankyntrosaurus: Protective spines (passive) the spines on ankyntrosaurus actually do something! Opponents health and attack reduces by 10% for every attack that hits ankyntrosaurus .
Basically all ankylosaurs: permanent surperior vulnerability; do i even have to explain? They literally have a tail club that could break bone. Why are all of them so weak!? Bypass immunity, permanently make opponent vulnerable, cannot be cleansed, reduce speed 50% 1 turn, attack 1x


@Gojiraptor those are amazing ideas stygadarix and dilophaboa really need buffs
And inescapable death sounds horrifying

Maybe there could be a way for a creature to nullify boosts that would be my idea

Ankyntrosaurus doesn’t need it. It already has a counter attack. If you want it to do more damage, just buff the counter attack

Edit: I’ve read it more carefully and I now understand. Sorry for the inconvenience

I’m honestly not sure how the spikes on ankyntrosaurus don’t protect it. All the attacks.from chompers are inprecise and clumsy, they could easily damage their mouth or face

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Puncture:inflicts .1 DoT every time damaged

make it even more broken by stacking it. so first damage is x.1 DoT. the next would be .2 and so on.


It’s basically minimal wounding strike but whenever damaged

And testa gain definite devastation

That actually would be cool

Stiff ankles:
Whenever crit increases speed by 20%

Sorry, just confused why you mentioned daryx in the underpowered creatures?

In my opinion it is

Daryx tends to get wrecked by meta.

The only guy who publicly broke that is @DadJokes

Rage: When opponent hits this Dino with ANY attack, increase attack by 50% and speed by 100%

Boom, Rex is high tyrant

Boost shattering rampage: disables all enemy boosts for the whole battle. Deal 2x attack.

Plot armor:
When blue is below 1000 health she creates a shield that absorbs damage for 3 turns

Can this get added onto something like rajakylo? I think we’d have a high tyrant with just that

Blue doesn’t need a buff

Fair point. But the move is still broken