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Broken quest info

Any idea what monster type I’m looking for?

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Just keep doing what your doing :wink:

It’s been 3 days of doing many different challenges. Don’t know I only have 8 of whatever it actually is.

Even in challenges that have a higher ratio of a certain type, which monsters you fight is still random. When I get those types of quests I still just do challenges based on gear I want and eventually it adds up

Just close the quest and get a new one

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What turbo says. The glitch sucks but it after 3 days and still can’t figure It out I would just get a new one

With “fie…” in the title, could it be some sort of devil, like a rakshasha?

I think it’s the water fountains in lightfinger estate.

That’s a hard one to get over 100

As just passing thru suggested it’s probably a demon

As the “fie …” suggests fiend

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